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future in mass communication is bright or not

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Started: 9/11/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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Some of the points he makes about the current and future Indian media scene are worth noting down " especially for a media student deciding to join a masters course in mass communication and media studies. Here are some quote-worthy points.

On Future of Indian News Media

"The era when one could happily say that the PM"s media advisor kept in touch with just five top English newspapers was long gone. Not only had Indian language TV and print become more important, but even English language TV and print had burgeoned and the internet had arrived."
"Nowhere has there been a bigger boom in media than in India. At the last World Association of Newspapers convention in Hyderabad in 2009, India was hailed as the great global hope for media, especially print."

On future of Indian entertainment media

"Salivating at the India numbers, News Corp top executive James Murdoch told a FICCI"Frames conference in Mumbai last month that "India"s media industry is a "sleeping tiger" waiting to be awakened." He described global media firms as "grey and tired". "The impressive achievements of the last two decades have not even begun to fulfill the potential of this great land," said the son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch."
"Over the next five years the industry is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13 per cent to reach the size of US$ 24.04 billion by 2014."
"While television and print continue to dominate the Indian M&E industry, sectors such as gaming, digital advertising, and animation VFX also show tremendous potential in the coming years. By 2015, television is expected to account for almost half of the Indian M&E industry revenues, and more than twice the size of print, the second largest media sector."

On the Need for Regulation

"Indian media needs a framework of reference to define what constitutes a competitive structure, what policies amount to being restrictive trade practices, how can such practices be curbed and who curbs them?"

So what lies in store for an aspiring media student? If the trend follows in any direction I see it there but a whole range of career opportunities for a person with a masters in mass communication!


I accept.
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Posted by Amit_Career 4 years ago
Hi Shyam,

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