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gay marriage is not bad

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Started: 2/20/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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what is wrong with gay marriage? can someone give me an actual argument?


Disclaimer : I am pro gay marriage. Noob sniping this resolution

My adversary is claiming gay marriage is not bad. He is pro this resolution. I am taking Con

What I must to do win - All I must do is show one circumstance in which gay marriage is bad. If I can show one negative effect from gay marriage. I win this debate

I accept the resolution he presented.

Debate Round No. 1


155401didio forfeited this round.


Disclaimer : I do not believe any of this, but sniping the restitution.

As I said all i must do is shown one scenario in which gay marriage is bad and I win

Negative effects on children.

Recent studies show that homosexual couples deny the right of a father or mother to a child, and that this can lead to the child suffering negative effects and showing symptoms such as violence. Studies also show they have a higher chance of ending up in prison[1]


The resolution is not upheld

Debate Round No. 2


ok first of all i didn't ask why you think being gay is wrong, i asked what is wrong with gay marriage. They don't have to be married to have kids. They dont have to have kids, they have the right to get married it doesn't effect you.


My deluded adversary has no idea what a resolution is

"Gay marriage is not bad"

That is a resolution and you affirm this with pro and have no upheld your BOP

Sadly this debate ends with a clear and concise win for me.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by USN276 3 years ago
Well, I actually have to disagree. didio's topic is "gay marriage is not bad" Providing one negative instance that can result in making gay marriage doesn't make gay marriage bad in general. For instance, the Chevy SSR was considered one of the worst cars ever because of its ugly design , underpowered engine and heavy weight. If the topic was "cars are not bad" does that mean that presenting one terrible car model mean all cars are bad?
Posted by Mikal 4 years ago
Eating a bad resolution
Posted by ElCoyote 4 years ago
whats noob sniping?
Posted by richardk84 4 years ago
@Mikal: Hahhahahahaha! That sniper rifle do!
Posted by Wylted 4 years ago
The difference might be that I'm not very good at debating.
Posted by Wylted 4 years ago
I do the same thing. I debate like 5 things at once, so I can really only take one serious at a time.
Posted by Mikal 4 years ago
I take debates on about 5 different topics most of the time. If one of them pops up and I oppose the resolution I take it. Seasoned or newb, i I do not discriminate. The only topic that good debaters clash with me on is the death penalty and I have a number 1 vs number 2 battle coming up and I owe another friend in the top 10 a debate.

There are certain topics I will never pass up on taking.
Posted by TheCreationist 4 years ago
mikal why do you noobsnipe i thought you where good at debating
Posted by richardk84 4 years ago
Well, I most definitely can not give you an actual debate because both the Pro and Con would be based off of opinion and not fact. Im curious to see who will actually take this challenge and what the outcome will be. Have a nice day and make gainz ;)
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