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gay rights

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Started: 10/15/2014 Category: People
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I think all people should have the right to be gay if they so wish. they have to live with what they chose no one else. so why is it such a big problem? people always say "why and when did you decide to be gay?" and im just like "why and when did you decide to be straight?" and they say they were born that way but if your gay and you tell them you were born they way they will argue and disagree to the fullest. just because someone likes the same sex doesn't they are different they eat sleep bath and talk just the same as you. they aren't a freak species


Thanks for the challenge.

If we assume that God is everything and everything is God, then we should assume that God will experience all that is contained in him/her. Including what we call "homosexuality"

Now, everything in creation exists in polarities of positive and negative (Yang/Yin) When brough together, they function as one complete system.

Yin and Yang exist in everything to a degree, but are most commonly differentiated by the names "male" and "female".
Men are primarily composed of Yang energy, while women are primarily composed of Yin Energy. Man and Woman together is the natural order of the universe.

But since this natural order has been altered (for many reasons), Man and Woman, generally, do not properly function in their respective roles. Because of this, many people assume an inverse Yin/Yang majority, and gravitate toward what most call "homosexuality"

This "habit" can also be passed genetically through DNA, as DNA records all its life experiences. When Children are born, they assume a certain frequency from their biological Mother and Father. DNA frequencies are amplified by habit. If a "homosexual" habit was strong in one or both of the parents (no matter how suppressed or hidden from the public) then that child will naturally assume that potential. However, the "habit" can only be form if the child is encouraged toward it (no matter how subtle or unknowing).

In essence, God will always, as stated, experience itself in as many ways as possible. But Universe order can only come from the compatible cooperation of POLARITIES. In this case, Man and Woman. That is how "God" continues itself
Debate Round No. 1


i disagree that it can be passed through DNA neither of my parents are gay. yes my mother experimented, but never gay. and i'm a full on lesbian. i know people who were adopted by a lesbian couple but yet WILL never be with a girl and cant even look at a girl that way. God says he loves all of his children. even the ones who are different, outcast, and over saw. god says he makes his children to his image. And its not like i chose to be this way. i cant help who i love. love should be love no matter what the gender as long as the two people are happy. why does everyone else care who people are laying in bed with every night. saying gay relationships should never exist or should against the law is the same as saying it about straight relationships. yes i admit our generation is known for how many gay people there are. but thats because we are tired of hiding. i mean while jesus was there in the manger there where lesbians somewhere us fulled with joy because of the word their savior has come. they where their waiting to praise him. and do you think he just rejected them? i think not. jesus and god dont care about our sexual preference as long as we believe in and love him and let him guide us to our purpose.


بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

As stated before, DNA frequencies are transmitted generation to generation, but the "homosexual" habit can only blossum if that habit is constantly encouraged (no matter how subtle or unknowing).

Being "homosexual" does not exclude anyone from Gods "love" as God will always "love" his/her creations as a parent loves its child. But an orderly household only exists when its members reflect the orderly nature of God, which is compatible polarities. God will experience everything contained in him or her, but the continuation of God exists only in the union of positive (male) and negative (female) polarities.

لا إله إلا الله
Debate Round No. 2


nickersonlove forfeited this round.


Blackangel forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by aly2799 3 years ago
There is nothing wrong with being gay...except the fact it's a sin. Jesus wants all of us to look at them the same way we would other people.
Posted by Man_Of_Few_Words 3 years ago
You guys and your Religions are ridiculous, There is noting wrong with gay people and there shouldn't be anything wrong with Religion except that when you go onto a sensible debating website you can not bring religion into it. RELIGION IS OPINION SO STOP USING IT TO FIGHT YOUR BATTLES
Posted by AkenoHimejima 3 years ago
Religion ruins everything.
Posted by dekotacat1 3 years ago
i think if your gay then good on you its your life and its up to no one als to tell you if your gay or not
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