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gender regulation in medical examination contect

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Started: 7/20/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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I propose, as a husband, that there be mandatory limitations on cross-gender medical examinations where intimate areas of the body are involved.
My reasoning for this is that it is disrespectful of a spouse to allow a member of the opposite sex to carry out such procedures on them (emergencies excluded).


The Pro's resolution would be detrimental to certain areas of the medical field.

1) Discrimination
The prohibition of cross-gender medical examinations would prevent the hiring of doctors such as female urologists and male gynecologists, which is discrimination on the basis of gender. This type of discrimination is prohibited under several anti-discrimination laws, as well as the fifth and fourteenth amendments.

2) Doctor-patient relationship
The relationship between doctors and their patients is ,ideally, purely professional. Although there are instances of misconduct, doctors who specialize "intimate" areas of the body are careful to avoid crossing any boundaries as this would threaten their careers. In a survey done by Gartrell, Milliken, Goodson & Thiemann of physicians and patients they discovered that only 10% of doctors who care for adults were sexually involved with their patients. This means that 90% of all doctors maintain a strictly professional relationship.

3) The procedures preformed by medical professionals are not for their own personal pleasure, but the well being of the patient.

4) Your personal fears do not reflect the reality of doctor-patient relationships.

Debate Round No. 1


!. Discrimination. This is a for instance: Why is a male police officer forbidden from carrying out any sort of physical search on a female suspect, but not vice versa? This is just one of many examples you could make.

2. & 3. I do not think a male medical professional gets a kick from his daily probings and donning a white coat does not change the hard wiring of his brain to dislike looking at pretty girls. As a senior medical instrument engineer I have shared locker rooms with various medical doctors throughout a decade working as an NHS employee, and believe me .....
Unfortunately, the tables are rather turned here. I have heard a number of females admit that they can get turned-on by a male doctor palpating their sexual areas. A license for infidelity?


You have provided no actual evidence, only your personal experience, which is not universally applicable.

1) Your first argument is completely false; male officers can frisk female suspects.
If they are uncomfortable, a suspect can ask for a female officers but it is not compulsory.

2) Your second argument is hetero-normative and has no warrants. I have nothing to refute because you have provided no evidence.

3) Sexual arousal is not always a choice
Often rape victims can experience arousal this does not ;however, mean they wanted it . The same is true for patients arousal caused by contact with genitals does not necessarily mean ,that one is attracted to the person who is stimulating these organs.
Debate Round No. 2


malster forfeited this round.


The Pro provided no evidence to support their claims. They also forfeited the last round, vote con.
Debate Round No. 3
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