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girls take more time to look decent than boys.

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Started: 6/24/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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Hey there stop and accept this challenge.

I am sure that girls take an extreme amount of work and effort to get ready for an even simple day! I personally find this unfair as i live with a teenage boy and from firsthand experiance they basically roll out of bed, take a shower and get dressed as apposed to me who get out of bed, flat iron hair, pick out the perfect shirt, pants and belt plus jewlery and shoes not to mentiob the right hairstyl. :P

Please take it :)


I will be arguing that girls do not take more time to look decent than boys. I assume that "decent" in this context refers to a level of attractiveness. I will therefore be arguing that girls can look just as attractive or more attractive than boys within the same amount of time.

1. Attractiveness is a measure of ability to attract people who want to have sex with you. Most females could roll out of bed and walk out of the house in her pajamas and find at least one person who would like to have sex with her within a matter of hours. Males could spend hours trying to look good and likely still fail at finding someone willing to have sex with them. Therefore females are naturally more attractive than males. This means that females actually take much less time to reach the same level of attractiveness as males would take.

2. Pro states that females tend to take much longer to get ready to go out and go through a much more rigorous process of improving their appearances than males. This is because most females are simply not satisfied with reaching only a decent level of attractiveness but attempt to reach a level of attractiveness that is much higher than decent. However males often don't really care what they look like in a large number of situations and will often go out with an appearance that is barely presentable in public.

The resolution is negated because females naturally look more decent than males and their extra time taken to get ready is merely indicative of a desire to look much better than decent.
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Posted by hightreason 5 years ago
Thanks sweetbreeze. I was hoping that Pro would actually debate because it would have been fun.
Posted by sweetbreeze 5 years ago
I think Con did very well. In fact, he did so well that he scared Pro away, LOL.
Posted by Sophiesalvatore 5 years ago
Thanks dude :)
Posted by Fictional-Reality 5 years ago
I would LOVE to accept this debate, but apparently I'm debating you already, and am therefore not permitted to :/
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