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god real or not?

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Started: 3/10/2013 Category: Religion
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can anyone prove that it exists?


I accept this challenge.

Thank you, and good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


if my arguement sucks it is because i have never done anything like this before :)

if god exists why would he suffer the world to endure the many hardships that the world has suffered suach as 9/11. he is supposed to be a caring thing. i say thing because i think he is as real as a pink flying spaghetti monster called rastaman.

also ( this part will go on the bible in general(it is all bollocks)) the bible says the world 4000-7000 years ago, when scientists have carbondated stuffs to be a lot older than that (SEVERAL MILLION!!!!!!) and yeah, basically the bible is contradicting alot


Thank you for your response

In your argument, you argue that a loving God would not allow pain and suffering. This argument makes the faulty assumption that a loving God would prevent any misfortune from falling onto his children. The Bible directly contradicts this, with all but one of Jesus' disciple's dying horrible and painful deaths. If this life were nothing but an endless montage
of good times, what would the point be anyway? Aren't there emotions (compassion, bravery, empathy, etc.) that can only come out with evil?

You also say that the bible states that world is 4000-7000 years old. The bible never actually says this, rather it stems from a literal account of Genesis. Some believe that the biblical 7 days actually lasted thousands of years.
Debate Round No. 2


if life was nothing but an endless montage my life wouldnt change :(

and tthe bible states that the age of the earth is ~6,000 years, depending upon the length of a generation

whereas scientific evidence shows that:

1) The universe (meaning time and space) is about 13 to 15 billion years old.

2) The sun is about 5 billion years old.

3) Earth is about 4.6 billion years old, and its formation took millions upon millions of years. It took millions more for the temperatures, atmosphere, gases, etc. to settle at a point that would allow for life.

5) Life appeared around 4 billion years ago. At first, this was rogue RNA then, later, complex DNA. Finally, the first cells began to evolve.

6) The Cambrian explosion took place roughly 580 million years ago, which is the point at which species diversification and evolution really took off.

7) Primates (the taxonomic order that humans belong to) began to evolve 60 million years ago (although some evidence suggest that they could have appeared in the fossil record even earlier).

8) Hominids (the taxonomic family humans belong to) speciated around 15 million years ago.

9)Homo (taxonomic Genus humans belong to) appeared around 2.5 million years ago.

10) Homo Sapiens (humans) evolved roughly 250,000 years ago.

11) It is difficult to trace the origin of civilization, but the oldest known civilizations were around by at least 5,000 BC, which is 7,000 years ago.

Note that none of these numbers are 100% accurate, but they are reliable ballpark figures.

None of this supports the biblical account of a 6 day creation, or at least a literal interpretation of it. If god were trying to convey hours and days to humans, wouldn't he have thought to do it on a solar time scale?

most of that wasnt mine but i cant think of another way to put this


compuadam forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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