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going into a girl to girl relationship is fine

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Started: 2/3/2009 Category: Religion
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
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for me its okay, if gay relationships are accepted then it would be the same in this case. "homosexual relationships'. nowadays, people don't mind if they see homosexual couples walking together in malls or in streets or even in public places. as long as they do not show unnecessary actions, people would not bother to stare at them.


Before we begin could you clarify the resolution?
Are we debating about the "going" part whereas entering the relation ship is fine?
Also by "girl to girl" are we just talking about those genders or all homosexuality in general?
And define "Fine"
Debate Round No. 1


fine means it is accepted by the people.
we are talking about girl to girl relationships only.
one, people do not mind if they see girl couples.
they are accepted and not rejected.
our society nowadays are more open-minded about this matter.


Ok thank you and good luck.
If there are three major discriminations it would be race,financial status, and sexual preference. I negate the resolution: that going into a girl to girl relation ship is fine.
My opponent's definition of fine is "accepted by the people." So the affirmative has to prove how going into a girl and girl relation ship would actually be accepted by the people.

Cont 1: No mandate or force on earth could ever change how we believe.
Our religion, beliefs, ect cannot be changed no matter what people say. The government could say that homosexuality is okay and should be accepted, but would we truly accept it? The answer no. Therefore there is no possible way that acceptance to homosexuality can be realized.

Cont 2: Majority of religions would be offended.
Religions such as Christianity who believe in every word of the bible would be offended. They think Adam and eve not Adam and Steve (Switch them into girls) And many others religions too. Now why is this important? What's the warrant?
Okay if having religions being offended is not enough, then we must take into the account of the safety of these homosexual couples. If people are offended they tend to react. Maybe not physically but they will talk. Eventually names would be called and a slippery sloped is formed leading into violence and maybe even genocide. Hitler did it, Whose to say some one wont stand up and take his place?

For these reasons I urge a negative vote.
Debate Round No. 2


sen.mickeymouse forfeited this round.


Aww cmon, forfiets are no fun.
If you will, just extend my arguements.
Blah, Real debates are kinda better.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by kishemiro 8 years ago
Ah Ive being doing Pf for about a semester at my school right now. Its kinda the same all around the country I believe. And I was an Ld till I switched to pf.
Ld is harder and funner I believe.
Posted by Ragaxus 8 years ago
You write cases in PF style--three separate, well-formed attacks on the resolution. You don't see that in any other event, and nobody who doesn't do debate uses "contentions".

How's the Puff circuit where you live? My sister does PF, and she loves it...I've always been an LD man, myself.
Posted by kishemiro 8 years ago
Uh yeah,
And howd you know i did pf?
Posted by Ragaxus 8 years ago
Kishemiro--You normally do PF?
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Vote Placed by Ragaxus 8 years ago
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