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great white shark would beat an orca

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Started: 2/23/2015 Category: Science
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I think a great white shark would win because if the orca ran away the great white shark would follow it and kill it. If the orca attacked then the great white shark would just bite it to death


Hi, I am happy to take your debate. First of all I would like to start with comparing the two impressive beasts. Starting with the great white, I will compare size, weight, etc.

Great white:
Adults on average are 4"5.2 m long and have a mass of 680"1,100 kg
Females are generally larger than males.
The great white shark can reach 6.4 m in length and 3,324 kg in weight.
35 miles per hour
Prey is mostly big fish, including tuna, rays and other sharks. Also seals, sealions, dolphins, turtles and seabirds.
Uses electrosensory

Orca Whale:
Adult male up to 9.5m. Adult female up to 8.2m
Male up to 5,600kg; female up to 3,600kg
Bursts of 30 mph when in pursuit of prey
Prey is mostly fish and squid. Also seals, sealions and other marine mammals. Consumes up to 200kg of food daily.
Often works in teams to distract prey or isolate or weaken it before delivering the killer blow.
Uses echolocation to detect fish

If these facts alone can't convince you that the Orca, being much heaver and longer, could beat a Great White, then perhaps my next argument might.

To many, the fact that an Orca could beat a Great White is something they have known for a long time. but why would an Orca beat a Great White? Perhaps it is the size, Orcas completely outweighing Great Whites. Maybe it is the length, 9.5m Orcas vs 6.4m Great Whites. It could also be the real life fight that took place between an Orca and a Great White.

Swimming at top speed, the Orca took the shark by surprise, ramming it hard on the flank. The massive impact stunned the shark, leaving it momentarily confused and vulnerable.
With the shark dazed, the Orca grasped it behind the head and turned it upside down. This made it far easier for the Orca to drown its prey.
Soon the shark was dead and the Orca could start tearing it apart.

This attack article will be referenced below.

I believe I have stated more than enough proof to prove my point, and I look forward to seeing your response.

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