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green bay packers vs NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS

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Started: 12/18/2014 Category: Funny
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the green bay packers (I mean the moldy-green cheese heads) are the LESSER of the two teams when considering them and my beloved New England Patriots.


I accept! Looking forward to a great debate :). So I am arguing the Green Bay Packers are better than the Patriots correct?
Thanks for the challenge, this is the first debate I have been challenged too :)
Debate Round No. 1


So, I will be the NE Pats
You are the GBP.

First up, lets look at coaches:
The AMAZING Lombardi! Great man, great coach. But he's NO Brilliant Belichick.

First off, Bill's youth was spent under the tutelage of his father: Steve, the coach for Navy back in the day. Steve would be running plays and having Bill study the film (as a 5 year old! ... okay okay, so maybe I made that age up, but he was a Pip-Squeak nonetheless).

Second, Bill grew up living, breathing football. He also has as his sidekick, Ernie Adams- long lost cousin to US President John Adams. And all Super Heroes have sidekicks (Batman & Robin; Sherlock Holmes & Watson; Woody & Buzz; Skully & Mike; Scrooge & Tiny-Tim?? WHAT???) This being said, the two of them attended a prestigious high school where they were best friends on the football team. Then, they immediately made their way into the pros. Both of them!! This says that they were both impressive enough to attract the attention of the Pro Teams where they instantly made their debut and DOMINATED.
The thing about Ernie Adams though, is the man has a BRILLIANT mind, a photographic memory. He sees a play and remembers it years later. Ernie Adams is Mr. Belichick's right-hand man. Working with him in N.E. That makes them ... ... ... you guessed it ... THE MOST FORMIDABLE OPPONENTS IN THE NFL!

NE scores a touch down and takes the lead: 7 - 0
GBP gets the ball.

Your turn.


Thanks for the debate :). GO PACKERS!
Ok...Vince Lombardi is and was yes a great man and a great coach. And yes, Bill Belciehk is awesome as well :). I say this: Green Bay has had a phenomnal coach in Lombardi, and now we have Mcarthy leading us. I say this, the Packers would tie the game easily under either of them against the Patriots in mere minutes with either Farve or Rodgers as QB.
Green Bay gets the ball TOUCHDOWN
your turn
Debate Round No. 2



The Refs review the play. After deliberation, the touchdown is overturned! Green Bay attempts a 34-yard field goal and it"s good.

Patriots ball with the lead: 7-3.

You had some weak arguments (that McCarthy is now the coach and Lombardi is a great coach). I already conceded you one of those (Lombardi).

Second point:
The Pats where taken over in the 90s by Belichick and he had a bum of a team! They had a few solid players in LineBacker and CB; they had a veteran QB BUT he was injured early in the year! So, in comes Tom Brady, a ROOKIE. He LEADS them to " " not just to a playoff birth " BUT THE SUPERBOWL WIN!
And this against a ST. LOUIS team that SHOULD HAVE WON!

Touchdown PATRIOTS!!!

PAT is good; Pats lead 14-3



Thanks again for the debate first of all, and yes I was running out of time, so my arguments were weak.
Alright so...we had a great QB in Brett Farve and then he went to the New York Jets. I admit I had no problem with that, then he went to the Vikings, alright then. But that left the way open for a great QB to fill his shoes in...Aaron Rodgers! He has become a great sucessor to Brett Farve and throws a lot more TD's now. Aaron Rodgers also has a great offensive and defensive line, and showed that in beating the Patriots earlier this year. We also have great kickers in Mason Crosby and Tim Mathsay. Therefore...
Punt kicked by Tim Mathsay results in a fumble ran back for a Touchdown, 14-10 GB.
On the next play, Brady throws an Interception, Aaron Rodgers throws a 37 yeard touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson!
17-10 Green Bay!
Thanks again for the debate
Debate Round No. 3


MattStPaul forfeited this round.


As my opponent has forfeited I will continue to post my arguments. Aaron Rodgers of course is a great quarterback, and he has Clay Matthews and Eddie Lacy and Jordy Nelson to back him up. He would have also James Starks on offense with him. Rodgers throws to Lacy and TOUCHDOWN.
Packers lead at half
Debate Round No. 4


New England had to travel on the road for the Christmas holiday and this caused me to have a delay of game (e.g., forfeiting the prior round). But we have regrouped, broken from the huddle, scanned the defense and hiked the ball!

Brady moves for the hand-off "

Point number 1: Ownership of the Pats: the Kraft family is truly an American-dream type of family, up from a papermill to several smaller businesses until they became the tycoon of Kraft Foods; the professionalism they have in their businesses is the same professionalism that the Kraft family runs their football organization. Win baby Win.

It is not a hand-off but a play-action pass and Brady looks deep "

Point number 2: that first Superbowl win of 2001 came on the backs of what even Bill Belichick called a lackluster team. They did not have a Suberbowl team at all; YET DESPITE ALL THAT, they were coached into a win against a Superior St. Louis Rams team. This is further proof of how great their coaches are especially when considering that the very next year the Patriots gutted that Superbowl roster and brought in something like 13 new free agents. The Patriots can win even without the best players.

Brady looks deep but instead dumps to (...insert here any one of our 4 rotating running backs) "

Point number 3: there is no "I" in Team and there is only 1 "I" in Patriots " this is a very unselfish team. The coaches and owners have made it a RULE to refuse to draft or sign "Me-Me-Me" players. Now, yes, there was Aaron Hernandez and Chad Johnson " BUT, the Patriots have made it an IRON RULE NOT to draft players who will not jive with their TEAM-FIRST ME-SECOND mentality. This has been a MAJOR reason why they continue to win and a MAJOR reason why some teams never will win (Raiders, San Fran to name a few).

(One of our rotating running backs) carries the ball behind his blockers, weaves his way around the defense and high-steps it untouched into the daylight of the endzone.

Point number 4:
Knock Knock "
Who"s There?
The "
"The" Who?
The GRONK " " enough said!
GRONK is the tightends to end all tightends. I have to admit, it this guy was not there, what would we do? Michael H? Tim Wright? " this position has evolved into a MIGHTY NECESSITY in today"s NFL; and The GRONK leads the pack (and the Pats) as one of the best in the league.

Touchdown Pats!!
What's this? They are lining up for a two point conversion (just cause they can). It"s a little dump to who else but The GRONK-a-donk-donk and it"s good!! He spikes the ball through the endzone (grounds crew will have to patch that up) and the Patriots lead 68 to 13!!! Only 3 minutes left in the 4th.



Kylar forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Hanspete 2 years ago
MOLDY GREEN CHEESE HEADS!!! WHAT!?!?!? :D We beat the Patriots though don't forget it!!!
Posted by MattStPaul 2 years ago
ooops ... typo ...
it refers to the year ...
lets see if GB catches it ... if not, then NE gets a SAFETY and Two Points!
Posted by sidewinder 2 years ago
good luck and go pats
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Reasons for voting decision: While GB is the better team (they did just win a few weeks ago, and NE hasn't won a super bowl since they were caught cheating), Pro did not create a good argument for them. As such, the debate goes to Con.