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shark fin soup


you may not see this, but we are wasting the sharks! We take the fins, and then throw the rest of the shark back into the ocean, leaving it to rot. we aren't using it to its full use! there for, look at it from this point of view. shark fin soup isn't a good idea....

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Should 15 year olds be alowed to hookah


Should 15 year old be able to smoke hookah even though its vapor...

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Should Euthanasia be legalized in the U.S?


The first round will be acceptance for this debate. There is no preference on who challenges me, as long as we both have fun debating with each other.Definitions:Euthanasia: The painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma. The practice is illegal in most countries.Legalized: Make (something that was previously illegal) permissible by law.

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Is smoking bad for health?


I strongly believe that smoking is bad for health as it affects your lungs and causes cancer....

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Wearing a helmet when cycling should be a law.


Cycling is a very common sport amongst all ages. Bicycle helmets reduce head injury risk by 85% which is why some people prefer to wear a helmet when riding. However the majority of the population do not wear a helmet for personal reasons. Only 14% of British children wear a helmet whilst riding a bike. But no more that 17% of fatal cycling accidents were wearing a helmet proves that wearing helmets have saved lives....

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Death Panels


The debate should be impossible to accept, and depending on the interest, it may or may not be debated. Show interest in comments, if proper interest is shown, details of the debate will be negotiated and hashed out. The title of the debate will remain the same, even if the resolution doesn't match it, but the resolution must be in the spirit of what I want to debate. When Obamacare first came out, republicans were scoffed at for suggesting that death panels would come next. Now the ideals of...

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Abortion should remain a legal standing law.


Women should be able to determine their own future. It is ultimately the woman"s decision whether or not she should bring a child into the world. This is important because only she knows whether or not she is capable of bringing a child into the world. I believe that the abortion law should remain standing. Pros: 1). Reproductive choice empowers women, allowing them to take control over their body. 2). Women who receive abortion are less likely to suffer mental health problems than w...

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Smoking should be made illegal


Smoking is should be made illegal because it causes cancer, brutally harms the environment and is the cause 6 million deaths around the world every year. 600 million trees are chopped down every year. Why? Just to satisfy the addiction of millions of people around the world. Smoking is completely non beneficial to the smoker and the people around them. I understand that there is a sense of choice for the smokers but the smokers are at the same time changing lives for non smokers around them. If...

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Nurse Practitioners To Deliver Primary Care services Independently


Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with years of nursing and medical experience who go back to school to become certified as Nurse Practitioners. They are trained clinically to provide primary care services and have a lot to offer. With physician shortages, lack of access to care in certain areas, changes in healthcare reimbursement, it is essential to fill the gap with highly trained individuals such as NP's. In California currently NP's are not allowed to practice without the supervisio...

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all drug legalization


Drugs are bad and everybody knows that. But does this mean that they shouldn't get legalized? Because even though it's dangerous should everyone decide for themselfes if they want to do drugs and hurt themselfes. People would die of course but it would have been their own choice and crime rates would go down because there would be almost no profit in being a drug dealer. It should be up to everyone of us to decide what we want to do not some people in ancy clothes in a fancy building....

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