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healthier food in schools

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Started: 2/22/2016 Category: Health
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I want healthier food in schools, who's with me?


I'm a little unclear on what exactly you are arguing for. You should be a little more explicit with your opening argument.

If you are saying that you would like the option of healthy foods to be available in schools, then I more or less agree with you personally. But because this is a debate, I will be playing devil's advocate. While healthier lunches are ideal, they are also inevitably more expensive than what would be considered "junk food." For example, it is definitely cheaper to produce 100 slices of pizza than it is to produce 100 bowls of fresh salad. Schools usually have a tight budget as it is. Some can barely afford to hire quality teachers, keep music/arts programs, or have updated textbooks. When it comes to schools providing lunches, the original purpose wasn't really to make kids healthier. The original intent was probably geared more towards making sure kids having something in their stomachs so that they aren't hungry during the rest of the day. Whatever that "something" in their stomach is seems to be a moot point, as long as it's not egregiously rotting/expired and carries some nutritional value. Keep in mind that this is only one meal of the day out of the usual three. If you are that worried about kids becoming obese or unhealthy solely based on their lunches, then you are ignoring breakfast and dinner. An occasional bag of chips, slice of pizza, or can of soda isn't going to make someone unhealthy if it is just an add-on to their usual healthy eating habits. However, if a kid is regularly eating crap for every meal of the day, including lunch, then that really isn't the school's fault. That's more of a parenting issue.

If you are saying that you would like for the option of "junk food" to be entirely banned from schools altogether and replaced with only healthy food, then I actually have a personal disagreement here. Honestly, regulating the sale of junk food in schools is kind of a waste of time. It really isn't the school's obligation to make your child healthy. The school's only obligation is to provide a safe learning environment and the resources to do that. Kids don't become obese or unhealthy solely based on what they eat in schools, as I mentioned above. Most of the food they consume in a given day comes from somewhere outside of school, mainly the home. Even if schools did have the obligation to teach kids healthy eating habits, they can't force the healthy lunches down their throats. Banning all junk food would backfire, since all the kids that normally eat junk food would just bring more junk food from home, and the kids that eat in more or less healthy ways will keep doing so. Junk food isn't going to go away just because it stops being sold in schools. It's easily accessible through other means, such as a corner store on the way to/from school. The parents should be taking responsibility and teaching their kids early-on about healthy eating habits and ensuring they have healthy meals at home rather than blaming the schools.
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I know that healthier food cost more $$$, but if it means that the students are healthy and energized; then it's TOTALLY worth it. And i'm not saying that we should force them to eat salad, but I don't li,e that we are given so many unhealthy, processed foods. I mean, we can have them now-and-then, but this is every day! I want somebody to put a stop to it and that is why i created this debate, people!


Healthy food, just like any other upgrade to a school, is a large investment. You need to either acquire more funding or cut other things out if you really think it is that worth it. Again, unhealthy habits aren't going to vanish just by changing lunch choices. If you really are that devoted to healthier lifestyles, you need to address the aspect of how parenting plays into this. 2 out of the 3 meals a student eats are usually served at home, so a person isn't going to be unhealthy solely because of what they have for lunch. I think the kids that prefer healthier options should bring their own lunches instead of imposing the cost on the already strained education budget.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Darcyn_Gomdurol 2 years ago
I would debate against you but your topic is so true.
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