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hillary clinton is going to win american election

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Started: 9/30/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Hillary Clinton is going to win because people only vote for trump as a joke even though he is not really that funny. It is obvious who is the bad person and who is the good one. I will give you a hint trump is not the good guy. why would people vote for trump when he is going to start WW3. So it is obvious now that Hillary Clinton's going to win. vote her not
trump boy


Although Trump does tend to act immature, Hillary, as we all know, is a liar. We all know about her email scandals, and the multitude of bad things the happened during Bill Clinton's time in office. Saying that people are voting for Trump as a joke is akin to saying that everyone who votes for Hillary is voting for her because she is a woman.
Debate Round No. 1


would you want trump to start ww3. he is not acting immature hes is acting like crazy. he said obama is the leader of isis.
does he know for sure of course he doesn't. he just wants to be president and start ww3.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Salladwolf 1 year ago
My parents are voting for trump not because they like him because he is lazy and he is immature so he will listen to the people around him but Hillary is an evil woman and she will do what she is saying and what she is saying is not ok.
Posted by ILikePie5 1 year ago
Another liberal sheep, who has no idea what they're talking about. Hillary is a disgrace to Americans being corrupt and totally bought off, not to mention a criminal.
Here's a short list of what Hillary has done:

-Hillary Clinton put national security at risk whether you like it or not.
-Hillary Clinton wants to bring in 550% more refugees even though ISIS and senior officials have said that operatives will infiltrate.
-Hillary Clinton accepts money from nations that are anti-LGBT and anti-Women. Hillary Clinton is owned by lobbyists and donors.
-The State Department under Hillary Clinton rejected 600 individual requests for security in Benghazi.
-Hillary Clinton lied to the families of the fallen soldiers in Benghazi and called them liars.
-Hillary Clinton is laying a siege upon the 2nd Amendment. Hillary Clinton wants to raise taxes on the middle class.
-Hillary Clinton gave Russia Uranium. Bill Clinton along with Hillary signed NAFTA and WTO which led to the massacre of jobs.
-Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq War and later withdrew the troops which led to the formation of ISIS.
-Hillary Clinton called for the overthrow of Ghaddafi which led to the destablization of Libya.
-Hillary Clinton brought Iran to the negotiating table which led to the Iran Deal which is a disaster.
-Hillary Clinton knowingly defended a child rapist
-Hillary Clinton used Pay to Play during term as SoS
-Hillary Clinton supports the BLM organization that chants "Death to Cops"
-Who was caught lying about her crowd sizes? Hillary Clinton
-Who called a fourth of America "Deplorable" and "Irredeemable" Hillary
-Who called the African American youth "super predators" Hillary

But to her supporters......What difference does it make?
Posted by RepublicanForLIfe 1 year ago
DebatoJenvo how can you be a Christian Catholic, but vote for Hillary Clinton who supports the killing of unborn babies?? That breaks the God's commandment. She also is a cheater and liar.
Posted by Iacov 1 year ago
I will be voting for trump and not as a joke.
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