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hillary should be in federal prison right now not running for president.

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Started: 6/29/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hillary has committed treason and should be rotting in jail right now. Not making a B line for the White House!


Hello everyone! I'm back from a bit of a hiatus, and I'd like to end it by joining this debate, arguing that Hillary Clinton should not be in federal prison.

My argument is quite simple: Secretary Hillary Clinton has not been convicted of a crime that should land her in federal prison. Let's call that my primary contention (or is it a contention?). But I also have a few points I'd like to share on why I think it's implausible to claim she SHOULD be convicted, as no evidence has yet been found by the FBI to indict Secretary Clinton and undergo criminal prosecution proceedings.

Let's begin.

1) Secretary Clinton has not been convicted of a federal crime.

This will be brief.

P1. Hillary Clinton has not been convicted of a federal crime.
P2. Therefore, Hillary Clinton should not be in federal prison.

The first premise is clearly airtight. Hillary Clinton has not been convicted of a federal crime by any court. Her criminal record does not show any federal crimes that have been committed on her part. I'm sure my opponent wouldn't argue that a citizen not convicted of a federal crime should serve time in federal prison...

2) The FBI has not yet found any evidence of Secretary Clinton having violated federal law.

Now I move into the FBI's ongoing investigation.

P1. The FBI has not found any evidence on which to indict Secretary Clinton.
P2. Therefore, Secretary Clinton, as of yet, ought not to be indicted.
P3. It follows that Secretary Clinton should not be in federal prison.

Of course, I am not arguing that there is no cause for investigation. There are plenty of reasons to ensure no crimes were committed during Clinton's time in the State Department. I concede that usage of a private email server is irresponsible behavior for a public servant. But irresponsible behavior does not warrant criminal prosecution if there is no evidence of criminal activity. The FBI, as of yet, has not found any evidence upon which to pursue criminal indictment, so therefore, it's implausible to say the Secretary should be resting in a federal prison cell. There's simply no factual basis for that assertion.

I refuse to even touch the treason argument; there's no evidence for treason, and the charges that could even possibly be leveled against Secretary Clinton do not include treason.

So there are my points. There will be more, I promise! But let's be real, there is really no reason to continue debating a non-issue. Clinton has not been convicted of a federal crime. She should not be in federal prison. Simple as that.

I await response.
Debate Round No. 1


first off I would like to say, I am so happy to have an aponent who is so well rounded in this topic, and I am looking forward to our next face off. Next I would like to say that you have not heard all the facts my good fellow, but fear not, when I am finished, you will be in compliance with my statement.

I will have to agree with you when you say she has not been convicted, so no jail time, yet. But I have to ask, why do we have this woman running for President if she is under investiagation by the FBI. What if they find something incriminating right when they announce she won, then she can just wright a pardon and free herself from federal prison.

People of I present my first piece of evidence
Our dear little Secretary Clinton has been a very naughty girl.
and I also present my second piece of evidence
this is my thrird piece of evidence and she has done much more than this.

On a lighter note I just thought this was funny and you should watch it.
and ya the singing isn't too good but the lyrics lol, my friend sent this to me.


Thank you! I am flattered.

I would just like to point out that you seem to have strayed a bit far from the resolution. I assume you have conceded my argument that she has not been convicted of a federal crime, so she therefore should not be in federal prison. Brilliant! It appears that this debate about the resolution originally proposed has been finished. I mean, as long as we have reached a consensus that she should not be in federal prison at the moment, it really is all done and dusted.

Well, I'm afraid this will be brief once again.

Your sources seem a bit shady. I mean, Breitbart and the Conservative Tribune don't really seem like unbiased sources of information, and I will admit other news organizations share the same bias against conservatives. I'm sure you would agree the only truly independent source of information regarding this investigation into Secretary Clinton is the government agency in charge of the inquiry, and that would be the FBI.

I have already contended that the FBI has not revealed anything incriminating. The investigation has probed existing and deleted emails and has found no incriminating evidence thus far. And I see no response to this contention either in my opponent's rebuttal, so I presume this is conceded as well.

This was a bit short! I hope there is a better resolution next time that we could really sink our teeth into. But, I'm afraid, the debate around the question of whether or not Secretary Clinton should be sitting in a federal prison cell seems to be over.

Thanks all! I await my opponent's response.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by rusty-q 2 years ago
Hillary Clinton should be in jail. Plus, who wants a president that will lie to us all the time and do things behind our backs?
Posted by evanjfarrar 2 years ago
Thanks for your comment. I'm in 100% agreement!
Posted by theobjectiveobjective 2 years ago
So glad someone with common sense, and an unbiased an logical analysis can put this ridiculous proposition to rest. BTW there is obviously no way that Hillary could pardon herself if she was convicted. She would be impeached. But there is no way this is going to happen because she has clearly not committed a crime. Its not to say that the Benghazi tragedy was not a terrible failure, but the blame does not rest solely on her, it is an institutional failing. Nor is does anything rise to the level of criminal activity.

Thanks evanjfarrar for your diligent reasoning.
Posted by laurengirl2000 2 years ago
she has committed multiple crimes. she is just not being put on trial because she is best friends with Obama. dsjpk5
Posted by dsjpk5 2 years ago
Only those convicted of a crime should be in prison.
Posted by harrytruman 2 years ago
Treason is defined as aiding and abiding enemies of the US, so you have to prove her to have done this, try receiving millions of dollars from the Russian Federation for Uranium which is then given to Iran, a terrorist state.
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