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homework should be banned

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Started: 10/29/2013 Category: Education
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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home work is evil and should be banned from schools


I accept and eagerly await my opponent's opening argument(s)! I hope it will be entertaining for everyone!
Debate Round No. 1


Homework adds to the stress of school and if homework were banned then students would be happier and less tired.


My opponent has not shown how the second is the case (happier and less tired). Thus, I can dismiss this without without evidence. On the first part, I will accept this (although I could still dismiss it without evidence if I wanted to), but Pro has not given any reasons WHY it should be banned on this line of reasoning.

If stress = justification for banning, then you can ban sports, school as a whole, exams, work etc...

Stress is a part of life (even if it is not welcome) and homework, while often stressful, can give students confidence for exams, allow them to practise the areas that they couldn't in class, show to the teacher that they've understood etc... The resolution is negated.

Back to Pro!

(P.S. Here an interesting read as to why homework is good, although it is a little flash:
Debate Round No. 2


chipstudent forfeited this round.


Oh well, it was an interesting debate while it lasted.


I have undermined and refuted my opponent's arguments; I have given an argument as to why we should keep homework which went unchallenged. The resolution is not fulfilled.

Thanks to my opponent, the audiences, and the voters! I'll see you all around!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by KaleBevilacqua 4 years ago
Where's the proof, Pro?

On this site, debates are structured on factual evidence and logical reasoning, not emotions and opinions.
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