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how do you think what suffering from is the worst : obesity or being thin? prove by arguments

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Started: 9/2/2013 Category: Health
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how do you think what suffering from is the worst : obesity or being thin? prove by arguments


I accept your challenge. This seems like a really interesting topic to discuss and I'm looking forward to your arguments.

I saw that you did not choose a side on this debate so I figured you let me choose my side of the argument first.

For me, being obese is worse than being thin, and I will prove that in the following rounds :)

Debate Round No. 1


Initially, i'd like to agree with your opinion that obesity is not better than being thin in any case, but there are also some unfavourable problems when your body needs some kind of vitamins, chemical elements such as iron, calcium or zinc. However, your stomach doesn't digest this extremely crucial chemical elements because there is something wrong with digestion system which leds to being thin and having problems with health.


Just because someone is thin doesn't mean that he has a problem like anorexia, or any other kind of illness that causes him/her to be thin against their own will. An obese man is eating way too much, with little to no exercise, while a thin man is eating too little, it has nothing to do with illnesses.

Nevertheless, I do agree that being thin, like anything else in the world, has its pros and cons; however, its cons are a lot less than the cons of being obese.

I will state a couple of these in details...


It is rare when you see an obese person walking on his feet, and I emphasize the word obese. Most of them are on scooters since they cannot put all that wait on their legs or they might snap. Unlike a thin person who has no problem walking or running. In addition, an obese man running has a high chance of suffocating, while with a thin man the chance is less prominent, due to the fact than an obese man has layers of fat suffocating their diaphragm. That is why obese people have a hard time doing any physical activity.

Losing weight/ Gaining It

Gaining weight is a lot easier than losing it. That being said there are hundreds of supplements for gaining weight, like Sublimed Substi-Meal for example, that helps a person gain weight easily just by drinking their powder daily. Many others also exist than you can find easily in most pharmacies. As opposed to losing weight, where there is less choices. For an obese man to lose weight he has little choices:
1/ Endure a severe diet for as long as 2 years

2/ Go under the knife in a lipo-suction surgery. All surgeries have a percentage of things going wrong through it, which may cause life long scars,injuries, problems, or even worth, death.

3/ Sticking needles in his ear that will make him lose his appetite before eating ( This will also take a very long time for an obese person)

Life long damage

Damage done to a person, not necessarily obese, by sitting down all day cannot be undone. According to Dr. James Levine, an obesity expert, says that "The body’s metabolic engines go to sleep. The muscles stop moving all together and the heart slows. Then, the body's calorie-burning rate plummets to about one calorie per minute..... Fat and cholesterol levels rise.." In other words, if people sit too long the rate at which their body burns fat, without doing any exercise, will drop and it will be very hard to get it to the point it used to be. Now that may not sound as threatening to a thin person, due to the fact that he is free to walk, run and do whatever he want, a fat person might no be as lucky. Since fat people, as stated before, don't walk much on their legs, their form of transportation is sitting on a scooter all day long. Now imagine Dr. Levine's statement about sitting to much, and apply it to someone who sits all day, with their burning rate dropping, their fat and cholesterol rising, the chance of them getting Type 2 diabetes getting higher... Which is a big problem for obese people, because if you think of it, if they sit down all day,and each day they burn less and less and still eat all the food they normally do, thus they burn less and less each day, making them gain more weight each and every day of the week; which will be a burden when trying to lose it.

To conclude, while a very thin person might suffer for his weight, an obese person suffers more because of his heaviness. They sweat easier, get tired faster, most of them can't tie their shoes due to the fact that they cant reach that far. Life of an obese person is not easy.

Which concludes my first argument in this debate. This is coming to be a really nice debate!
Looking forward to your response :)

Debate Round No. 2


First of all, I would like to say that you are right, good job man. However, there is one point with what i disagree. You are saying that an obese man is eating way too much. This is not true at all. Majority( not everyone) who are suffering from obesity are ill people, because their digestion system are working slowly to digest food, this could be because of gender. There is nothing to do when it is a gendery illness, because no matter how hard you work to loose a weight- there's no outcome. In my opinion, this question is over, I mean that we didn't need to go on about this topic, because you mostly right as i do. It was nice to talk to you.


I do agree that some obese people have diseases, like many thin people have anorexia. However, I don't agree with you that an obese person doesn't eat a lot. He does. I myself was over 150 pounds when I was only ten. I didn't have any illness or problem in my digestive system, I just ate and didn't do enough exercise at the end of the day to burn the calories I needed to stay I good shape. That's how people get obese, at least the majority of them. Later on they might get a disease relating to their digestive system due to the fact that they have had a long history of over eating and surrounding their whole body in fat, which is never healthy. Of course this doesn't go to all people, some have illnesses, some don't.

On the other hand, I also disagree with you when you say that obese people no matter how hard they work there is no outcome. I've seen it happen, read, and heard about it. Out of the top of my head these are a few people who went from obese to thin. You don't have to watch the whole video, or read the whole article, just either read the headline or parts of it to get an idea:

These are two very inspirational people who have lost more than 400-650 pounds each naturally, with diet and dedication.

It was a really nice debate :)

If you have any other interesting debates in mind please do write my name in the opponent part ;)
Debate Round No. 3
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