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how easily are we influenced by media

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Started: 10/4/2013 Category: Technology
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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i say we are influenced by media.


The media does influcence us, but we influence it more. It's big business with share holders involved, and what the people want to see (what gets the most ratings) is what they show. So, we decide what goes on the news.... We are more entertained by smaller incidents of death like school shootings or a girl getting killed, than the death that goes on with war; it gets more ratings. So, that's what we see.... We control the media if anything, because we decide what to watch, and thus, which programs get the highest ratings, and what we see is based on that.
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Posted by Chrysippus 4 years ago
Ok, that's a start. Now edit your first debate round and put that in. Give us weblinks to places where we can read about the events you mention, especially to articles about the effects of media in influencing people to action in those instances.

And make sure you put it in the actual debate round 1, rather than just in the comments. You can edit your first round up until the point when someone takes on the challenge, so don't wait.
Posted by kr 4 years ago
I think media has a huge impact on the people as we tend to believe most of the stuff that the media portray.
Although, everyone is aware of the fact that most of the stories are cooked up by the news channels to make it sound more happening, still people tend to believe what they see.
On the other hand, media also act as a tool to initiate mass movements, which actually happened in the case of the Delhi gangrape and the anna hazare's campaign against corruption. It proved to be a very effective means to gather support and influence people.
Posted by Chrysippus 4 years ago
Welcome to DDO!

You might want to qualify this a bit. You can edit your debate after you post it, and if you leave this one as it is, you are unlikely to win.

For one thing, you haven't made any arguments yet. You've stated your position, but that is only the very first part of a debate. Now you need to tell us why you believe we are influenced by the media. What are your reasons? What evidence do you have to back your statement up? Give links to sources that back you up. Tell us why we should agree with you.

Persuading the voters involves a good deal more than simply stating your opinion. Give it a shot, and good luck!
Posted by Disquisition 4 years ago
Of course we are influenced by the media, you really need to dive into the topic and dissect it for a more arguable debate.
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