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i think some stereotypes are kinda true

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Started: 12/20/2015 Category: People
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ok for instance how they say that black people act ghetto well not all of them act ghetto but a majority of them do. another example is how people say Mexicans are construction workers.


I have accepted this debate, on the strict aknowledgement to the following definition.

Stereotype: a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.

I shall be arguing on the direct application of stereotypes and anylyzing statistics to see if it holds true.

I await my opponents opening arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


what i'm saying is that stereotypes apply on what a majority of a particularly race, religion, ethnicity and so on act like or things they do. for example when you see a particular race you think of the stereotype put upon their race and 9/10 it ends up being true.


A stereotype is a poorly constructed generalization that is applied on an individual, just on the premise that they are representativeo of a certain group, or that a certain group is representative of them.

By defnition, a stereotype is false, unless it applies to all individuals.

Your first assumption is that the majority of African Americans are ghetto, which I disagree with. You have neither provided proof or have the ability to provide proof.

Generelizations are irrational and misguided phenomena, as they are based on a fixated premise that represents a larger group.

Additionally, your assumption that 9/10 times a stereotype ends up being true is false. Firstly, religion: most religious stereotypes are false, especially based upon how people look, dress, act, or talk. All racial stereotypes are false.

"African American" is not a race. It is a demographic in one nation, in this case being the United States.

There's a fine line between truth and stereotype, as well as their place and frequency of application.

You have not listed any specific stereotypes, other than of Mexicans and African Americans, therefore it is awfully difficult to focus an argument or to rebutt yours.

However, I will say that stereotypes are statistically wrong.

Your "argument" in Round 2 was barely an argument. You practically just gave me definitions of what stereotyping is, rather than what is truthful or statistically correct.

Debate Round No. 2


i'm trying to say that i believe that a majority of black people act ghetto and MAJORITY of Mexicans are construction workers. It's kind of true. i mean look and listen around. and who are you to say i'm wrong you don't have statics on this information so don't try to be a know it all. and yes i know your supposed to be expressing your opinion. i don't think people would waste their time looking for statics because it would take forever so who knows i could be right and you could be wrong. (oh and if your finding things off of the internet to seem highly educated and make me confused with those big words its not working)


Firstly, you state the word "majority", which means over 50%.

For your two assertions to be true, over 50% of Mexicans have to be in construction, and over 50% of Black people (you haven't stated African American, so I assume you are talking about Africans as well, since black does refer to people from Africa) act ghetto.

I have found statistics, much to your dismay, that 51% or more of the Mexican population does not work in the construction sector."Among Mexican unauthorized immigrants ages 16 and older who were employed in 2012, 19% worked in construction and 13% worked in a wide range of businesses like legal services, landscaping and car washes. By comparison, among unauthorized immigrant workers overall, 16% worked in construction and 22% in services. " [1]

This happens to be JUST illegal immigrants in the United States from Mexico. However, it can be safely assumed without any usage of statistics that over 50% of the population of Mexico itself does not work in the construction sector.

As for African Americans, acting ghetto has to be defined in a set perimeter, and you have not yet defined it. You see, it is terribly difficult to define the word "ghetto" as shown from one person, and then try to smear it on another.

And lastly, for your last remark, if you cannot understand some of the words I use, as I have dumbed them down just for you, then you are a lost cause.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by chrissss 2 years ago
what do you mean lol
Posted by Rockozer 2 years ago
Cant argue with you there lol
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Vote Placed by mc9 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: SG- Pro never capitalized the start of his sentences but con had a well formatted argument. Sources and arguments- Con is the only one who provides any sources and his only argument which was that stereotypes apply to most of the race aren't backed at all. Con completely refuted pro's arguments by showing that the stereotypes are true for the majority of the people in those races pro was referring to we're in fact not true and were fully refuted by con with a statistical source and a well structured argument.
Vote Placed by Zarroette 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro's case, whilst plausible, misses the critical element of 'impacts'. There is no proof/evidence given to show that: (1) these stereotypes exist, and (2) people that fit the stereotype exist. Rhetoric needs to be backed with facts and evidence, so based on this, Pro doesn't really fulfill the BoP. Furthermore, Con's final round destroys the resolution, via use of statistics which directly negate the resolution (in particular, showing that Hispanics, at least anything above a small minority, do not work in construction). For this reason, Con wins arguments. The source gives Con's arguments the negative traction required to objectively win the debate (in particular, the statistic on Hispanics), so I can grant Con source points.