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iOS is better than Android OS ??

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Started: 5/28/2013 Category: Technology
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I've been using the Android on a HTC one X for about two weeks now.
Overall, I like it, but there are places where the system falls short when compared to Apple's iOS.
One of the biggest problems with Android nowadays is that manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, and Motorola alter the operating system with custom "skins" that dramatically change the look and feel from Google's android original vision.
Yes, there were times when I thought, "Wow, I don't miss my iPhone at all!" But I think that was mainly because I was using something new. After two weeks, I took back my iPhone!
So why am I going back to the iPhone? there are reasons:

1. Availability and quality of apps. it is fact.
2. The iOS has a very simple interface. You see everything on the screen, and there are no hidden menus.
3. Compared to Android, the iPhone's predictive text is much smarter and actually knows what I'm trying to say.
4. Quality assembly.
5. More accessories available.


Hi, I personally own and use an HTC one and have for about a year. I prefer by far the Android OS so that's why I decided to start this debate.

I will now proceed to give countering your arguments.

1. I will have to agree with you on this one, as it is a fact: the iOS app store has many more apps available than the Android's. This is mainly because Apple was the first one on the app market. When it comes to the quality of the apps, this is very subjective. There are many apps that are on both stores, so there quality is equal, and comparing two different apps is unfair. Both app store give the programmers the same possibilities when creating apps, so then I think when you say quality of apps, it is a whole other subject, as it is the programmers that do most of the stuff. Speaking of programmers, you may or may not know that to have an app on the app store, a programmer has to pay a price of around 60$ every year, where as it is free for android programmers. So I doubt it will be much longer before the number of apps on the android market is bigger than Apple's App Store.

I'd now like to dig deeper into the idea of app quality. I don't know which version of the iPhone you have, but with the newest one's arrival came many problems as well. The biggest example is the Apple Maps. You may have heard of the outrageous places some iPhone users went to using their iPhone 5 because of wrong addresses, etc. Needless to say the Google Maps are by far better. You may think, "Oh well my phone has panoramic photos!" Sorry, but this function was first implemented in an app that came out both on iPhone and Android at the same time. I will not ramble on about these problems as I have to let you speak as well...

2. You say that iOS has a more simple interface. I on the other hand find it simplistic. Once you are familiar with the Android OS, it gives you much more control on the phone and lets you customize your phone in many different ways that iPhone's don't (custom widgets, etc.). Once you configure your Android in a few very simple steps, you can have you facebook posts and notifications, tweets, emails, texts, the weather, your music, etc. all on your main page, without even needing to open an application. I have come to find this much more 'simple' as you said than having to open up each app up on your iPhone.

3. I almost laughed when I read this (no offense). Bad 'auto-corrects' on iPhone's have become world wide laughing matters, as you may learn on: . So on this I think you are wrong.

4. Correct me if I am wrong, but this treats on the phone's hardware, and has nothing to do with the OS. You talked about the different models from samsung, htc, motorola, etc. The Android OS manufacturers have little or no say in the design of the phone itself, so I do not believe your argument is valid.

5. As I have said previously, this once again treats about hardware, not software. And just for the sake of the debate, if you combine all the accessories you can have for every hardware brand of the Android OS's, you will have many more accessories than for iPhone.

Looking forward to your response.
Debate Round No. 1


TAUALI forfeited this round.


I will first start by saying that since my opponent has forfeited, all I can do is add to and reinforce my previous points.

These are my new arguments on why Android OS is better than iOS:

1. Android has a better way of notifying the user. Although the drag notifications at the top of the screen have been added in the iPhone 5, this was originally done by Android, and they do not work the exact same way. On the iPhone, you need to drag down from the top of the screen to even know if you have any notifications, where as Android shows you in the bar a the top if you have any, and by using the little icons, you also know from what app the notification comes from.

2. Multitasking. In every Android phone, you have a 'multitasking' button that lets you just by tapping on it to see, popped up on the screen, every app you were using. I find this way of accessing this function easier than for the iPhone, where you need to double click the center button, and often only get what you want after multiple tries.

3. Android's "back" button. As well as the multitasking button, every Android phone comes with a back button, which lets you, basically like in a web browser, to go back to the previous page in an app. This makes apps less crowded with tactile buttons, and gives more space for the actual content of the button.

4. You can easily set apps to default on your Android. This permits you to, for example if you prefer Google chrome to another browser, make it your default browser, whereas in iOS, safari is the default and that can't be changed. If you click a link in an email for example, it will open up safari automatically, and if you prefer to use chrome or other browsers, you must copy the link and paste it in the new browser's link bar.

5. Google and social integration is better on Android. As I have said in my previous argument, syncing your various accounts with your phone permit you to easily access them, all from the comfort of your main page. Also, you can easily search Google (even by speaking to the phone) for quick answers on virtually anything.
6. When you were comparing the Apple App store and the Android Market, you forgot to talk about app prices. Many paying apps on the app store are completely free on the android market, although they do the exact same thing.

You had also talked about a few hardware Apple advantages, so let me tell you a bit about the Android ones.

7. All android phones give you the possibility to add an SD card. This permits the user to save many more things on their phone. Some even use more than one SD card to have even more disc space, and with the android phones you can easily exchange the SD cards to access the different files.

8. Android lets you replace your battery. If your iPhone's battery is dead, then you can go out and buy a new phone (and in the process maybe lose some valuable files). But with the Android phones, you can easily just buy a new battery and continue using your phone without any problems.

9. A wide range of devices to choose from. Although Apple chooses the size of your phone for you, with Android phones, you can decide whether you want a longer, wider, shorter, thinner phone, as you like.

I really hope my opponent does not forfeit once again, as a debate is supposed to go two ways.
Debate Round No. 2


TAUALI forfeited this round.


Once again, my opponent forfeited, so I have nothing to add.

All I'd like to say is I liked the debate a lot, although my opponent's presence wasn't very big.
Debate Round No. 3
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