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if a ninja were to fight a spartan the ninja would win

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Started: 10/23/2010 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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This is a debate based on the TV show deadliest warrior

Rules: this is no longer the deadlist warrior this is simply who would win ( as one of the producers of the show stated that one of the causes to the ninja's down fall was beacuse the show was based on who was the deadlist warrior not the deadlist assasin)
and instead of limiting this to only a couple weapons they may use any and all weapons that they would naturally use.

i look forward to debating whoever will except and i will give them the courtesy of the first argument


i would like to say thank you for giving me the win of the first round and I look forword to a good debate. Good Luck.

The Spartan family was quite different from that of other Ancient Greek city-states. The word "spartan" has come down to us to describe self-denial and simplicity. This is what Spartan life was all about. Children were children of the state more than of their parents. They were raised to be soldiers, loyal to the state, strong and self-disciplined.

It began in infancy. When a Spartan baby was born, soldiers came to the house and examined it carefully to determine its strength.The baby was bathed in wine rather than water, to see its reaction. If a baby was weak, the Spartans exposed it on the hillside or took it away to become a slave (helot). Infanticide was common in ancient cultures, but the Spartans were particularly picky about their children. It was not just a matter of the family, the city-state decided the fate of the child. Nurses had the primary care of the baby and did not coddle it.

Soldiers took the boys from their mothers at age 7, housed them in a dormitory with other boys and trained them as soldiers. The mother's softening influence was considered detrimental to a boy's education. The boys endured harsh physical discipline and deprivation to make them strong. The marched without shoes and went without food. They learned to fight, endure pain and survive through their wits. The older boys willingly participated in beating the younger boys to toughen them. Self-denial, simplicity, the warrior code, and loyalty to the city-state governed their lives.

Spartan children were taught stories of courage and fortitude. One favorite story was about a boy who followed the Spartan code. He captured a live fox and intended to eat it. Although boys were encouraged to scrounge for food, they were punished if caught. The boy noticed some Spartan soldiers coming, and hid the fox beneath his shirt. When the soldiers confronted him, he allowed the fox to chew into his stomach rather than confess, and showed no sign of pain in his body or face. This was the Spartan way.

At the age of 20 or so, they had to pass a rigorous test to graduate and become full citizens. Only the soldiers were received the aristocratic citizenship. If they failed their tests they never became citizens, but became perioeci, the middle class. So to some extent class was based on merit rather than birth.

If the young men passed, they continued to live in the barracks and train as soldiers but were required to marry to produce new young Spartans. The state gave them a piece of land which was farmed by slaves and which they did nothing to tend. The income provided for their support so they could remain full-time soldiers. At the age of 30 they were allowed to live with their families, but continued to train until the age of 60 when they retired from military service.

Girls also were removed from the home at 7 and sent to school. Here they learned wrestling, gymnastics, were taught to fight, and endured other physical training. Spartans believed that strong mothers produced strong children. Young women competed at athletic events and may have competed in the nude as the men did.

If they passed their citizen tests, they were assigned a husband. Because this did not happen until they were 18-20, they were more emotionally mature when they married and closer to the age of their husbands. Marrying later than other Greek women, the Spartan women produced stronger children, if not as many. To prepare for the wedding night, her hair was cut short and she was dressed in male clothing. The man then returned to his all-male barracks.

Men and women did not live together, but met occasionally for procreation. The wedding consisted of a ritualized physical struggle which resulted in the man slinging the woman over his shoulder and taking her off. By the end of the 4th century BCE there were more women than men in sparta and women often had more than one father for their children, and a several men might share a wife. Connubial love was discouraged by the city-state, but there is evidence that some husbands and wives loved each other very much. This fact would embarrass them if it were known, a shameful weakness, so such attachments were usually kept secret.

Women enjoyed much greater freedom and independence in sparta than in other Greek city-states. Because mothers had little responsibility for the care of their children, they were not as tied to the home as most Greek women were. They were allowed to walk abroad in the city and transact their own affairs. They owned their own property, as much as a third of the property in Sparta. Their husbands were only a minor part of their lives, and except in matters relating to the military were generally their own masters.

They were not as close to their children as other Greek women in some ways, but a mother had pride in her son's stature as a courageous and strong soldier. "Come home with your shield or upon it" was said to be the advice one woman gave her son as he went off to war. They shared the culture's shame of weakness.

Although the Spartans did not have a family life as we think of it, there is evidence that in some cases at least Spartan men and women had close ties to their children and with each other. Their system certainly was well-ordered and avoided the "moral degeneration" they despised in the Athenians who they saw as wallowing in luxuries. And their is no doubt that the system produced strong soldiers. The Spartan army was legendary in ancient Greece, and the legend continues to this day.
Debate Round No. 1


i would like to thank my opponent for giving the viewers and in full detail what a spartans life would be like but my opponent in no way stated how this is better than the ninja and did not state the particular topic within the debate he was talking about.

also to make this debate run more smoothly i will split this debate into numbering

1) Close Combat (hand to hand) : now primarily with the spartans they realy heavily on brute strength to win over their foe's which made sense beacuse they were warriors on the front line not assasins like ninja.
but i fear that this may be the one weakness of the spartan for hand to hand combat beacuse the rely on strength and are primarily brawlers they do not have the effeciency of killing and/or disabiling their opponents that the ninja has.

now beacuse ninjas have a martial art which specialises in throat, arm, leg,locks and pressure and nerve points they have an advanced sense of human anatomy which allows them to bring death fast and effeciently.

I would like to explain it a little more so that you and the viewers understand the full leathal potential of ninjutsu.
ninjutsu is made up of a couple of japan's best martial arts one of these being the art called Dim Mak. Dim mak is depicted as a secret body of knowledge with techniques that attack pressure points and meridians, said to incapacitate or sometimes cause immediate or even delayed death to an opponent. Thus beacuse ninja's are assasins they are trained to kill so when Dim Mak was incorperated into ninjutsu they only kept the most effective and leathal targets.

Thus making a spartan no match for hand to hand combat.

2) close combat (mid range): spartan short sword vs ninjato/black egg:

Beacuse of the supirior knowledge on metal ninja's used what is still considered today to be the most leathal sword in history it was as leathal then as it is today. The spartan short sword is effective but only when used with the sheild, without it it holds no support against the ninjato.
In the final simulation they totally ripped of the black egg by allowing the spartan to recover so fast in reality that would not happen beacuse no matter who you are you would not be able to see anything untill your eyes water and flush the glass out (whch would take more time then what the spartan took to see) and if the black egg was filled with that gooey stuff ( cant remeber the name ) then it would not only hurt the spartans eyes but would also make a nuisence for the spartan beacuse it would stick to the spartan's helmet to and would be driping down slowly inside the helmet and onto his eyes.

3) range combat (4-5 meters): spartan spear vs shiruken

now although the spartan spear has immense killing power it is slow and does not exceed the reach of the ninja's weapons and so therefore the ninja could do one of two options a) he could retreat just out of the spear's range and use one of his weapons or b) he could dodge to the side and close the distance fast enough to strike with the ninjato beacuse in order to properly thrust with the spear the spartan has to expose himself.

4) long range( 15 meters +) nothing from spartan vs crossbow/blow dart

now one of the things i would like to point out is that beacuse the subject deadlist warrior didnt allow assasination the ninja was ripped off soo much for example at the begining of the simulation when the spartan was walking by the ninja the ninja would have used the blow dart to poision and kill the spartan right off the bat same consept with the crossbow. also the crossbow would be able to penitrate the spartan bronze armour with ease.

I would like to point out to my oppontnet and to all the viewers that the ninja would win no matter what beacuse it wouldnt be dumb enough to attack the spartan head on and would assaintate the spartan in its sleep or around the camp fire.

i wud once again lik 2 thank my opponent 4 putting in the time and effort to debate with me.


thegreatdebaters forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


i will allow the great debaters to recover this lost round if he wishes to do so if not then i would like anyone who wishes to challenge me on this particular topic to send a message


thegreatdebaters forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


brokenboy forfeited this round.


thegreatdebaters forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by brokenboy 7 years ago
sorry for the messed up spelling i dont have a lot of time on my hands
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