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if there is one god..why are there so many religious divisions?

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Started: 8/7/2015 Category: Religion
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according to the bible,
the god of the Christian religion created the heavens and the earth and the people that live on earth.
therefore everyone that sees value in religion should become a christian right?
but yet if you look around
you'll see no end of divisions
even within the realms of Christianity.
and yet according to Christianity's founder
"Jesus Christ"
god loves us so much that he was willing to send his son from heaven to earth on our behalf
so that everyone that believes in him might be saved rather than be destroyed.
but does that mean that simply "believing that Jesus exists" is enough to ensure our lives are saved?
what do you believe?
also since Jesus lived and died on our behalf
should we not show our gratitude by focusing our attention on him?
many do but do they focus and teach in the way they are meant to?
having a map in order to help us reach our destination is only beneficial
if the map is accurate and we show "faith" by carefully following its directions.
if we reach our "destination" then it is obvious that the "map" is accurate and worthy of being used to direct other "lost people"
but if the people that take up the responsibility of studying the map aka the bible,
decide to direct the lost people in a direction contrary to the directions given by the bible author,
then does that not mean the leaders and the followers end up lost?
and I say that that is exactly what has happened since Christianity was created all those years ago.
and now we have many "Christians" but all are walking in different directions.
but is that the way Christ intended it to be?
Christianity was formed for our benefit
and so if we decide to give it our attention and stick to its correct directions
we are certain to benefit.
but if everyone is going their own way
but all in the name of Christianity
that cause confusion and confusion has no place in Christianity.
therefore it is wise on our part to question whether the road we are walking on in the name of Christianity
is actually the correct narrow cramped road that Jesus said leads to salvation?
because if it isn't then we are walking in vain right?
what do you say?
remember too that Christianity promises a solution to the things we are unable to solve
like sickness and death etc etc etc.
if we would like to live in a world in which sickness and death and hunger and no end of problems no longer exist
then isn't to our benefit to take notice of the true followers of Christ?
but can the true followers of Christ be found in a world that is overflowing with religious divisions?
please share your thoughts.


I am not sure what position you take on this, or if you want this to be a religious debate about Christianity. I will just give you my opinion.

If there is "one" god, then why is there so many religions?

If there is only one god that created everything, this god becomes a Solipsistic god. We are all in its image. One major fear of a Solipsistic god is becoming alone. For if it knew everything was in its head, and it is the only immortal higher intelligence, it would go insane dealing with immortality alone. So:

If there is an immortal higher intelligence,
If this "god" is a Solipsistic god,
it would make sense to confuse itself to not know it's immortal and alone;
therefore, it would create different religions and views to have a human experience without knowing that it is the one and only, god.
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Debate Round No. 4


I still believe that Christianity was created for our benefit
and there should be no "other religion"
in opposition to Christianity
after all if Christianity is the benefit of "all humans" what sense does it make to oppose Christianity?
after all the god of Christianity is almighty,
and resisting him doesn't benefit us.
the situation we are all in means we cannot beat him.
Christianity was created for the purpose of uniting us, educating us, strengthening us, and encouraging us by means of the hope found in the bible.
Rejecting all of those things in favor of man made fantasies i.e. creating religions to suit ourselves
is not only foolish but is pointless cause if there is only one god
and only one religion which exists for our benefit,
why do we "break away" and encourage others to join us?
also there should be no "division" within Christianity
because it is meant to unite not divide us.


"I still believe that Christianity was created for our benefit"

It is better said it was created for your benefit and others that enjoy this view. Religion's base purpose is love; however, we all know we can start semantics on that topic.

"and there should be no "other religion in opposition to Christianity"

Do you not see the irony in what you have said? This type of view (only one truth) is what is dividing us spiritually.

"after all if Christianity is the benefit of "all humans" what sense does it make to oppose Christianity?"

I would rephrase this to: The belief you are going to zealously believe and advocate for is the one that "you" ultimately see as paradise. This is subjective to the observer, for they might believe paradise differently. For instance, a Viking believed in a paradise that they literally were willing to die for. The idea is the same; they fought for an idea of love (a place of peace). You could have preached all you wanted to change their view, some may have, but most would have killed you which would have given them extra points to get to their paradise. The belief that there is one truth for a person to follow is the poison that organized religion emanates. It is because some people do not have the mental capacity to see bigger pictures. That we are not all the same, but we are all human.

"after all the god of Christianity is almighty and resisting him doesn't benefit us the situation we are all in means we cannot beat him."

It's funny how you say this, then:

"Christianity was created for the purpose of uniting us, educating us, strengthening us, and encouraging us by means of the hope found in the bible."

What you said before this sounds hopeless. Who is this person that we cannot beat? Who is this master that i must call almighty? I am the one that is almighty. You are the one that is almighty. Every individual on this planet, in their own way, is almighty. Why must we think someone else is controlling us? Why can't i think i am the god of my own world. I am what makes things happen or not happen. You are ultimately responsible for you. There is no power other than you that can control your destiny. This view unites us. That we are all responsible for our own actions.

"Rejecting all of those things in favor of man made fantasies i.e. creating religions to suit ourselves is not only foolish but is pointless cause if there is only one god and only one religion which exists for our benefit, why do we "break away" and encourage others to join us?"

And Christianity is not a man made fantasy?

Premise one: If a person within the time of religious popularity saw spirituality as a platform of power, they would take advantage. Think about the douche bag factor. They existed then as well. A douche bag sees a person (that has spiritual intelligence) gaining power, and has people following him/her. This douche bag is going to be butt hurt ... This is how all the (for lack of a better word) b.s. has built up in all religious denominations. A person is in denial or blind if they think every word is from "god" in any religion; that hasn't been tainted by the dark hearts of man.

Premise two: Not everyone interprets religion like you do. You are a good person (i hope), therefore you follow a religion in a good way. Now, a bad person can follow the same religion exactly like you do, except, they use it for darker purpose. This is what religion gives power to; evil (ironically). Of course it does bc evil had a hand in it in regards to premise one. For instance, in the Koran it says protect yourself from a threat (violence being okay to sub-due the threat). How do you take this? I am a good person. I see this as protect myself (violently) from someone that is about to do substantial harm to me (fear for my life). Yet, how would someone else perceive a threat? Imagine this scenario. A freshman in high school gets bullied or made fun of by others. This person is not like us. This person thinks, "the bullying is going to bring down my self worth, i will never find a girl, these guys are ruining my future...i'll be alone forever." This person (keep in mind does not have the mental capacity to differ with logic) will perceive this as a threat to his existence. They will use the words from the Koran to justify killing the bullies. See, the world isn't all on the same capacity level as you and i. There are people that literally need others to hold their hands through life. Religion, as an organization, is poison in regards to this premise.

It is a platform in which people can use to justify their negative actions. Not everyone is the same, this is what you cannot understand. To say that one book written by "humans" is the ultimate truth is not only flawed, it is something that people clearly cannot see, or fail to even try to see; it boggles my mind. How do religions not see that they are creating our divide? By telling a person they will suffer in some way if they do not agree with them. Remember, everyone has their own version of "paradise." Whether it is Atheistic, Pagan, Monotheistic, secular, etc. In the great words of The Rock, "it doesn't matter." Everyone is trying to live for their own happiness. Some may use religion, some may not. Why is religion so narcissistic that it even cares? Or better yet, do you think your god really cares? If i live a good life as a good person it is bc i am a good person. I don't think your god, or any god, would punish someone for being a good person. What makes a good person is another debate. You see, there are a lot of opinions out there, so i will bless you with mine.

"also there should be no "division" within Christianity because it is meant to unite not divide us."

It is dividing. It is creating evil. It is making us look at each other as saved or unsaved. Creating even more divide. There is only one truth. The one truth is that we are all right ... let that sink in. For one, Atheists are right. They are screaming in your ear to live this life up bc it is proven that this "may" be our only life (leaning towards the only life part). However, i am spiritual. I cannot deny it bc of the experiences i've had in life. Now, i can't say my experiences are the truth for everyone bc i will contradict myself. My experiences are real to me. Everyone else is different; or a few might be the same.

Paradise is through the eyes of the observer. Paradise, as in, what you find to be a euphoric afterlife or only reality. You will live for it; you will follow the morals that you must to seek it; you will stand up for it; because it IS real to you. How is it real to me however? For one, you would probably not want what i consider to be paradise. How do you account for that? Have you thought of the implications of immortality? Living forever is a long time; how do you imagine it? You are right. We all have our own fantasies? It would do you well to know that they are imagined. That the one truth could be that this is your only life. Does that scare you? It should. You should get up and do as much as you can. Yet, i do not feel being optimistic about the possibility of an afterlife is a bad thing. Ironically, you would need to use imagination. Just understand that it is your imagination not mine; and that's okay. We should be walking around "wanting" to talk to everyone about what they imagine. We should be interested in each others' views. We should be interested in people; humans. Like is said, there is no god other than you. You are the god of your world. You create what you do in this reality. Is there another reality? I think it is probable that there is in my humble opinion. Do i care if others follow it or not, NO ... bc i am not narcissistic. If a person is living for love; i will love them. If a person is living on the edge; i will go to parties with them. If a person is living only in reality; i will learn from them. If a person is living for evil; i will punish them. You are what you are; i am what i am; acceptance unites us.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by TheWORDisLIFE 3 years ago
Can you find any of today's religions in the Bible?
Posted by Mike_10-4 3 years ago
If there is one human race, then why so many languages and cultures?

However, all cultures must work with the same Laws of Nature to move forward in technology, food production, and medicine.

All religions believe the Divine created the universe and everything in it, which includes the Laws of Nature. Therefore, the Laws of Nature is the handwriting of God and the scientific method is a way to read God's handwriting.

Also, life's Unalienable Rights are part of the Laws of Nature. Empirically, when governments follow the Laws of Nature (God's handwriting) amazing things are accomplished within the awesome machinery of nature.
Posted by tstor 3 years ago
This debate could be finished in one verse:
"But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." [NIV] (Matt. 7:14)
Posted by Talkingisfun 3 years ago
This is a bad debate question. You can't debate a "why" question, you can only debate a statement. It is completely unclear which position con takes here.
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