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impossible was possible

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Started: 7/17/2016 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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impossible, is possible by belief


So if i believe that i can go faster than the speed of light, or that i can travel back in time, it is now all "possible"? When these ideas have already been impossible?
Anyone can believe whatever they want, It doesn't change proven facts and laws of physics and our universe.
There are only two circumstances where your idea is applicable:
1: Belief in something that is unfalsifiable (cannot be proven or disproven) such as religion will make it possible (as you cannot prove against it)
Change of subjective belief that you YOU view something that was already possible as being attainable (e.g a person believing they can lose weight hasn't changed impossible into possible, they've changed their perspective on already achievable outcomes)
However, your arguing a very broad case, and as such, it is wrong to assume that because i believe something will occur, it will (as mentioned in the start, breaking the law of physics)
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i think you got it opposite.. read the headline.. or maybe its that you think possibilities or beliefs are true?

know is true

it is not impossible to lose weight
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