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in order to improve education in RI, should RIDE create a plan to encourage greater economic intergr

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Started: 1/19/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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A.Charter schools have not been a good plan to create equality in RI
-All the richer people in central falls go to the charter schools leaving all the poor people in the public school. Also charter schools haven"t taken any esl students.

B.Students should be mixed economically just like they were mixed racially by the courts
-Cranston east, which is a more mixed racially has better test scores than central who aren"t mixed as good. Schools with a better mix of students tend to have higher test scores and graduation rates. Also the Supreme Court Brown v Board of education desegregated schools by race

C.Everyone benefits when rich and poor are mixed

Other districts have higher property values. When students with low income from Montgomery county went to wealthier elementary schools they performed better than when they were in ones with higher concentrations of poverty.


Claim A: when the government gets involved, bad things happen.
-the government is making parents from all races appeal to federal judges to step shifting children, from school to school like pieces of a game board. Schooling should be left up to the communities since they are the ones attending the schools not the government.

Claim B: parents should be allowed to make decisions about where to send their kids.
-Black parents file a lawsuit against Boston school committee. The parents argued that school committee policies have resulted in the de jure racial segregation of students in Boston public schools and violated the racial imbalance act and their fourteenth amendment. Everyone can receive the same education that being said should be able to attend the school more socially comfortable for them.

Claim C: we are already doing things to improve education for individual students in RI.
-providence does not need to create a plan to encourage greater economic integration because we have charter schools that are single most cost-efficient way to help. Charter schools give students the opportunity to choose what type of learning they style thinks best fits them. They might be similar to public schools but they have their own special things to offer a student.
Debate Round No. 1


1)Wouldn"t parents appealing to judges make it easier for their children to go to a better school for a better education
2)Are charter schools really the answer to the problem? Do they really help?
3)Are all of the right students going to these charter schools?
4)Do schools with the most social comfortability have the best education for students?


Question 1:Does being a mixed school make test scores rise?
Question 2:Why don't charter schools accept esl students?
Question 3:What happens to all of the poor kids education?
Debate Round No. 2


1. Yes being a mixed school can help test scores rise but just because you're a mixed school doesn't mean that your test scores will rise a lot

2. To get into a charter school, it's a lottery and I don't know why, maybe if they aren't applying or if they aren't just getting in but the ESL students aren't going to these charter schools

3. All the poor kids live in poor neighborhoods so there school doesn't get enough money. That being said they're at a disadvantage because they don't get the proper equipment and their education isn't as good


Answer to question 1: Parents appealing to judges regarding their child"s education might not make it easier for them to go to the school they want but it will show they care about their child"s education and could help their case at court.
Answer to question 2: Charter schools don"t solve the problem completely. For some students will perform better to charter schools while others perform better in public schools.
Answer to question 3: There is never a right or wrong child for charter schools. Every child is trying to get the same education. The only difference is the ones willing to work and the ones who aren"t. Parents think putting their kids in a charter school makes a difference but in reality it doesn"t because they want to get their kids away from the "bad kids" but the parents of the "bad kids" are thinking the same way so in the end the all end up together.
Answer to question 4: Schools with the best social comfortably doesn"t always mean it"s the best type of schools. Kids getting too comfortable could lead to them slacking off on their school work.
Debate Round No. 3


Rebuttal #1: Claim one is not true because your evidence isn"t valid. You said that the government is trying to make parents appeal to judges, but you didn"t say why that was bad. And you also said that parents appealing to judges can help the children by showing the judge that they "care" about their child"s education and it "could help their case at court"
Rebuttal #2: Claim two doesn"t have enough evidence because you said parent should have control over where the children should go (which would be the local school with the most social comfortability) but you said schools with the most social comfortability could lead the children "slacking off"
Rebuttal #3: claim three isn"t true because your evidence isn"t valid. You claim that charter schools are the best way to fixing education, but there are right and wrong kids for these charter schools. But you never said that all of the "right" kids are going to these charter schools. Also from data found, charter schools don"t do anything but waste more money.


Rebuttal on first claim: what is the bad side of them in the different schools? i don't see enough evidence to support your claim
Rebuttal on second claim: what does test scores have to do with being economically mixed? i don't see your point here.
Rebuttal on third claim: what about the other grade levels? not just elementary. Do they benefit? i don't see evidence supporting "everyone" kids in higher grade levels qualify as "everyone" too.
Debate Round No. 4
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