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inazuma eleven games are better then pes or fifa games

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Started: 7/9/2012 Category: Entertainment
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hi sorry for bad english

round 1 is accept round pls accept



I should think adding some preliminary definitions would prove useful so as to minimize the chance of semantical arguments or trolling by either side in this debate.

Inazume eleven refers to the sports game for Nintendo DS[1].

Fifa games refer to the sports game series available for all major consoles[2].

The term better will not have a specific definition, though aspects like quality and critical reception will no doubt come to factor whether one of the games can be considered better thamn


Debate Round No. 1


hello i am gonna say some rules spelling is not rated oke cause im not so good at english

1 inazuma eleven is a soccer game and fifa too

2 in inazuma eleven u have an rpg story that makes the game more fun

3 inazuma elevne is more strategic cause u can move not only 1 unit
but all at a time in fifa u can move 1 unit and shoot the ball and then u are another unit!
thats realy confusing

4 also in inazuma eleven your characters have better personalities in fifa it realy doesnt matter
wich characters u choos

5 in inazuma elven u have hissatsu technics wich make the game more fun

6 in fifa if u shoot it goes nearly always over the net wich makes the game dificult

7 in inazuma eleven your characters can level up and become stronger and learn new hissatsu
so u can focus on something and not only plays for nothing but also for leveling
and u can play further in the story thats another goal u can have

8 i can get a fifa game for 50 euro inazuma too but when fifa becomes 1 year old its
only 10 or something like that and the first inazuma elven ds is also 1 year old
but its still 45 thats cause the first game is differnet frome the second and newer fifa
games only have better graphics and have some new players that what i already said doesnt realy matter
thats why they lower the price fifa is too repetitive and inazuma eleven is always new, if there is a new one
out or if u play the newest

so thats why i think oh sorry KNOW its better


===Burden of Proof===

In this debate, Pro as instigator will have the primary burden to forward and defend his own arguments for the superiority of Inazuma Eleven over Fifa games. The burden of Con will be to deconstruct and refute those arguments.


C1. My opponent is correct in his point that both Fifa and Inazuma are video soccer games. Unfortunately for Pro's case, this point says nothing of one game's superiority over the other. The only thing that this argument could possibly prove is that the two games are simply similar, not that any one of them has a qualitative advantage over the other.

C2. What makes the game more fun is subjective. Hence the popularity of both RPG games AND other types of gaming like simulation, adventure, dance, fighting, platform, and shooting games among others. To make the claim that RPG games are more fun then others requires substantiation which my opponent has not provided.

C3. Pro's contention that the different controls between the two games are confusing to him fails to prove anything relevant seeing as it is merely a personal valuation on my opponent's end. Moreover, Pro has yet failed to show any real difference as far as strategy between the games go regarding the different controls in the two games.

C4. Pro hasn't really either shown the relevance in this point or why it matters in regards to a sports game. Like his other points, the criticism of Fifa is based purely on personal preference in regards to the quality of the game without sourced evidence or rational reasoning.

C5. Again Pro has posited a mere subjective preference on his own end as being indicative of some objective qualitative superiority of Inazuma. However, as I've pointed out with almost every of his other contentions, his own opinion doesn't go as far as to prove anything without empirical evidence or logical reasoning on his part. Just saying you like one feature is not sufficient to uphold your case.

C6. My opponent's that Fifa is too difficult a game fails for two reasons. (1) The criticism is based purely on personal experience. Just because the game is too hard for my opponent does not mean that other people find it the same way and my opponent has provided no evidence for one to even believe his own personal claim. (2) A game being hard does not automatically discount it's quality. For instance, many gamers prefer games set to a higher difficulty so as to not merely bore themselves by easily beating the game. My opponent's contention is based purely on personal tastes and anecdotal experience.

C7. No argument was presented concerning the contention that unless one is playing to level up that they are playing for nothing. This point clearly ignores story modes, individual matches, multiplayer competition, etc. as other reasons for playing. This is the dominant focus of most sports games after all and there's a reason for it.

C8. Pro's argument here is based on a few lines of flawed reasoning. First, no sources were ever provided for the multiple assertions regarding the price of various games. The prices were again based on mere personal experience and anecdote which is impossible to verify. Second, the claim that Inazuma always has new games does not go so far as to prove the qualitative superiority of those games. All it means is that there are more. But remember, this debate is qualitative in nature, not quantitative so the number of games is moot.
Debate Round No. 2


DAANHHH forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


DAANHHH forfeited this round.


Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 4
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