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india will advance after 2020

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Started: 9/19/2012 Category: Technology
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Unless and until there is rather a global war or a great, devastating natural calamity during the coming six-seven years, I am confident of witnessing a number of great changes in our over-all set-up. On the population front, we are sure to be the first in the world, leaving even China far behind. There would be far less room for each of us to live on, the availability of water, medical-care and jobs would be another comparatively much reduced.
However, the only ray of hope amidst this dark, gloomy prospect lies in the possibility of other green and white revolutions to materialize, increasing the availability ample, rich, and nourishing food to all.
The availability of solar energy and its use on a massive scale would reduce our dependence on fossil fuel. Likewise, the generation of electricity from atomic technology is sure to help us overcome the existing power shortage.
On the strength of our great man-power and successful, functioning of democratic governance, our voice would be heard with utmost attention in the World Community. We would be a member of the Security Council and are sure to be treated as a big World Power as are the U.S. and the USSR these days.
In computer and information technology, as well as in health-services, our experts and specialists will be holding highly responsible positions all over the world. The country will make great strides in agriculture and armaments owing to which, we shall be a major supplier of food grains and military hardware to other countries of the world.
I see an exceptionally bright future for India in the exploration of the space. Our astronauts will not only travel in Indian made rockets in the space on a regular basis; but would also succeed in landing on the moon.
Some of our space missions would explore the Mars and other planets. There would be successful launching and establishing in the space of many of our satellites that would forecast on weather, send pictures of high mountain tops, rivers and oceans and help us in the development of communication work.
The coming years may also bring into limelight some young, energetic, highly educated, dedicated leaders at the national level. They are sure to come to the forefront of the governance, take over the reins from the old guards and steer the country out of its present mess.
Politics of caste, religion and favouritism may be a thing of the past. The policy of giving jobs on the basis of recommendation and reservation is likely to yield to merit and qualification.
By the year 2020, I visualize most of the great cities of the country going in for their own individual Metros, which would not only reduce pollution but would make local transportation safe and fast. Even the long distance trains are sure to start moving faster, be less crowded and prove to be safer.
The over"all living standard of the people would rise; television-sets and phones would be available in all the houses and so would increase the number of mobiles and cars. However, parking problem may worsen.
The rush of the people from rural areas to the cities is sure to be arrested as all our villages are going to be, virtually/ self-sufficient in all respects, including transport, health, education, power and marketing.
Each village would have a focal point for the new industries to be established and prosper. There would be local purchasing centers, thus avoiding the need to go to a city for selling the farm produce.


Hmm.....the argument you have posted is quite impressive. It is the sort of soothsaying which is bound to make the heart of any Indian swell with pride and joy. You have provided people with impressive words, extending them a lifeline in an era of darkness. However, that is all what your argument is. A preposterous lifeline, filled with over optimism. Anyone who reads the newspaper these days is bound to disagree with you. It is with a heavy heart that I concede that the future of my very own motherland, India, looks bleak. Let me now rebuke the arguments provided by my over optimistic argument.

1) To begin with, I'm a realist. I concede that there is a possibility for another era of green and white revolutions to arise. However, this will propel India into further backwardness as, even though it might increase our self sufficiency, it is bound to increase the income disparity b/w the rich and the poor farmers.
Secondly, the very argument that we might see another green revolution or white revolution is pure conjecture on the part of my opponent as there is no significant evidence indicating to anything of that sort.

2)You have mentioned the generation of nuclear and atomic energy to remove a shortage of electricity. However, that argument of yours fails to hold water because of the current protests against the setting up of the Kudamkulam nuclear power plant. It is unlikely that these protesters will change their mind in about a decade or so and the dreary state of affairs is bound to continue.


3) To begin with, there is no longer a USSR. USSR was brought to an end about a couple of decades ago. Secondly, no country is going to go against the likes of China, and keeping that in mind, even if we somehow manage to cement a spot in the security council, we would have every decision of ours vetoed by the dragon, i.e. China.

4) India, as of now is in a mire of health issues. The general health standard of India is extremely bad. It is a shame that, even in this modern world, there are kids who die out of malnutrition. Several surveys have proved that the major section of the new born suffer from malnutrition.


5) You have mentioned that many of our citizens will be holding highly respectable posts in other countries. That is not something to be proud of as it is a clearcut instance of brain drain. India loses nearly a third of its expert technicians and about 2 billion$ every year due to brain drain. It shows a clear lack of national resources.


6) Ha!!!When countries like the U.S. have not yet been able to send astronauts to Mars, what are the chances that a country like India would be able to do so. Besides, what on earth is the advantage of spending over a billion dollars on space exploration when fiscal deficits constitute about 4% of your country's GDP and the deficit in balance of payments is close to a thousand crore?

7)Saying that we will have a more efficient political class is baloney. In our country, money is power and power corrupts. Our country's politics is one big mess with the government on the verge of collapsing. We have this chalta hai attitude in our country. Besides, the younger generation views politics as a morgue, a graveyard which they have no intention of stepping into.

8) Ours is a nation plagued by communal riots and the caste system and the worst part is that our government encourages it as religion and caste plays an integral role in vote bank politics. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??????People in our nation murder each other over such petty issues on the directions of some diabolic old men filled with depravity.

9) You are only looking at the positive aspect of the construction of metros and you are only thinking about an ideal situation. The harsh reality is that the public works department rarely meets international standards and is adept at the art of providing us with substandard material. Moreover, in a nation like ours where the primary focus should be ensuring equity, a metro is a humungous waste. Let us first focus on raising the standards of living.

The chances of the migration from rural to urban areas being put to an end is bleak as most people live in extreme poverty in rural areas and they consider migration to be a better alternative.

Let me present you with a few more facts and figures.

As of now, 39% people in our nation earn less than a dollar a year.

37% of the people in our nation are unemployed.

29% people in our nation remain illiterate.

Considering all those despairing facts, I doubt if our country will improve in a decade or so. I hope my words have jolted my opponent out of the fairytale he/she intended on scripting. I sincerely apologize for what I diad. After all, I am a proud Indian.......
Debate Round No. 1


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Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Jacob_Apologist 5 years ago
so u are an indian, that says about the topic. Its really so absurd contention, very silly
Posted by baggins 5 years ago
Do you mean to say that these predictions are likely to be fulfilled by 2020 or after 2020. I am assuming it is by 2020.

A quick (and rough)count revealed that you have made 14 predictions. Out of them, I agree with 8 and disagree with 6. Would you like to debate specific points? It is unlikely you will find anyone who agrees or disagrees with all 14.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro's argument was mere speculation that she failed to back up with any facts. Con countered her points and even turned her own arguments against her. He backed up his arguments with facts and sources.