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is Minecraft and Roblox the same?

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Started: 3/30/2015 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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it is dumb. i win you lose


My opponent seems to have forgotten to include all of his evidence or facts. He literally just said, "it is dumb. I win you lose." He didn't even back up his statement!

Anyway, I will be talking about why they are the same. Before I go on to my arguments I would just like to quickly define the topic. There would be no point in debating this person if I didn't define. So, I have re-worded the topic to make more sense and fit along with my arguments: Are Minecraft and Roblox alike? This new topic makes a whole lot more sense, because Roblox and Minecraft are not EXACTLY alike. Apparently the opposite side was going to win by saying, "Well, they aren't EXACTLY alike so I win you lose." Luckily, I thought about the topic and figured this out.

Anyway, since there are only two rounds, I will argue this round and refute his points in the next round.

1. They both build stuff. You can build your own city in Roblox and you can build your own stuff in minecraft too.

2. Both are games. Both are obviously games that you can play.

3. Both have color in them.

4. Both have the letter "R" in them.

5. Both are fun

6. Both are on the computer.

7. Both have characters in them.

Do I honestly need to go on? There are so many things that these games have that are alike. I could go on for hours talking about it. Normally I would, but I can only type 2,000 words. Maybe my opponent knew about this? Maybe he was afraid? I don't know.
I will have to wait and see in the next, or final, round.
Debate Round No. 1


rrock forfeited this round.


My opponent has forfeited. I have obviously won, no matter how good or bad my arguments were.
Vote for me!!!!
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Budderwillalwayswin 3 years ago
There is no way roblox and minecraft are same
Posted by Budderwillalwayswin 3 years ago
Atleast the peacefull animals give you a challenge
Posted by Budderwillalwayswin 3 years ago
Minecraft you craft things and kill animals in roblox you dont craft things and you only kill players weres the fun i killing guests for 50 hours straight
Posted by GreenGavGiraffe 3 years ago
Don't give my opponent ideas! Lol I am going to lose now! ^_^
Posted by Debater129 3 years ago
first off "GreenGavGiraffe" you're just saying the obvious things. Them having color, having the letter "R". the thing is the play style is a lot different. minecraft actually has a story/ objective(if you choose to follow it). Also I've played RoBlox, and it's pretty boring. Minecraft has some good enemies to fight, and has a lot of places to explore that goes on forever! they're a lot different than you think
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