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is being gay okay?

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Started: 3/6/2015 Category: People
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Yes being gay is fine, my sister is a lesbian


I accept, in hopes that we will have a successful debate with legitimate arguments next rounds.

Fallacy: appeal to authority [1]. Just because your sister is lesbian doesn't mean it's perfectly "okay."

It is not marriage. It violates natural law. Being gay goes against what our Creator God says therefore it offends Him. It always denies a child either a father or a mother. It turns a moral wrong into a civil right. It defeats the state's purpose for beneficial marriage. It imposes it's acceptance on society. It is the cutting edge on sexual revolution. Yet at the same time, I will not condemn homosexuality, I will only speak the Truth that it is wrong [2]. And choosing to be gay is most definitely wrong. [3]

Debate Round No. 1


Some people are against gays because the way they have sex, they have sex the same exact ways straight couples do.

Gay marriage is legal in many states, first state to legalize it was vermont


  • Just because it is legal does not mean it is ethically and morally okay.

  • The sex part has little to do with it being morally "okay."

  • ...They do not have sex the same exact way straight couples do. I don't think I have to explain or "prove" that, Lol

I hope this clears up some confusion. Now, let me present my next few points:

  1. Being gay will mess up the sancticity associated with the definition of 'marriage' and 'dating,' etc. The purpose for marriage will no longer be accentuated.

  2. It is sinful therefore will lead the gay people into a sinful and not-okay lifestyle.

  3. Since other groups who have been discriminated against (such as women, blacks and the disabled) have been given equal opportunity, homosexuals claim that they, too, should be liberated. However, as one Christian expert has said…

    “Gender, race and impairment all relate to what a person is, whereas homosexuality relates to what a person does.”

    In contrast, homosexuals claim that scientific studies have shown that there is a biological basis for homosexuality.

    Three main studies are cited by “gay rights” activists in support of their argument Hamer’s X-chromosome research, LeVay’s study of the hypothalamus, and Bailey and Pillard’s study of identical twins who were homosexuals. In all three cases, the researchers had a vested interest in obtaining a certain outcome because they were homosexuals themselves. More importantly, their studies did not stand up to scientific scrutiny by other researchers. Also, “the media typically do not explain the methodological flaws in these studies, and they typically oversimplify the results.” There is no reliable evidence to date that homosexual behavior is determined by a person’s genes.

    To the extent that biological or social factors may contribute to a person’s bent toward homosexual behavior, this does not excuse it. Some people have a strong bent towards stealing or abuse of alcohol, but they still choose to engage or not engage in this behavior and the law rightly holds them accountable.

    The final report of the Baptist Union of Western Australia (BUWA) Task Force on Human Sexuality states “that a person becomes a homosexual ultimately by choosing to be involved in same-sex activity… This is in contrast to innate characteristics such as gender and ethnicity.” The report affirms that “the Bible is clear that sin involves choice, and it unequivocally condemns homosexual behavior as sin.”

What do you think? Is your sister choosing to be lesbian?

Debate Round No. 2


Being gay is a choice, some people say they're born like that.

My sister was married to a man, but then they got a divorce, and now she's dating a woman, and she's happier then she's ever been

It's all about love, not gender


Which one is it? A choice, or a genetic orientation?

I love my best friend. I'm a girl, she's a girl. I'm not going to marry her because I know that's not right and I don't have any kind of urge to have sex with her...but that's not what marriage, or love, is about. Marriage is about love, but also about commitment (to dates/activities, children, money, etc.), and love is a choice. So it's not "all about love." In this way I believe this generation's version of the definition of marriage is slightly messed up. Gender has everything to do with it.

Your sister chose to be a lesbian and it made her happy. Choosing to be gay is wrong because of the reasons I said in previous rounds.

Thank you for debating! It got a bit interesting there but I think we both learned a thing or two about being gay :P
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Acarr130 3 years ago
Even though I am strongly for gays, but this will be a great debate
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Reasons for voting decision: The pro side was all opinion. The pro side says its ok to be gay just because her sister is lesbian. By your logic it be ok if my sister commited murder. Being gay is not ok at all.
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Reasons for voting decision: I think that con was a better debater he had better sources and his grammar was very good