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is examination the best way to test a persons knowedge

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Started: 2/22/2016 Category: Education
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I believe examination is the best way to test a persons knowledge.
How can you say a person is good without testing the person, how can you know if the person is serious without a test, my opponent may like to say people are talented in other areas butt it is not true, we all need examination to know how good we are


Examinations! my view examinations are the most disaster causing element of our society.So,in the very beginning i have cleared my view on this topic directly. Now for justifying myself let me give you an examples. Assume a situation when a student of a college like to concentrate on sports as he/she wants to be a good footballer in future.Now,if unfortunately he/she got bad marks in the so called exams then in view of such people who believe in examination scenario that is a dumb irrespective of his/her performance in sports. This is a little example which I think is justifying my fact. I am not saying that examinations are bad thing but ya these are not good enough to judge a person completely on the basis of his/her performance in exams.
Mine other point of view is that ,examinations not only decrease physical fitness of a person because of tension and all but also affect them psychologically.So my view is clear that there is no way to judge a personalities on some set of examinations.
So you can say that examinations are not the best way to test a persons knowledge.
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