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is going for lottery contests good?

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Started: 8/9/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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buying tickets for lottery is a bad habit. luck is something very unexpected and does nt come to all. people should stop wasting their time on such things as time is money and ur unsure about your probabilities. lottery mainly attacks the weaker sections of the society and they get trapped easily. insted of wasting their time for buying lottery, waithing for months and not getting expected results which leads to depressions people should try to get something by their abilities and hard work. even major of the lottery providing companies and programmers are frauds!
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irahannahmiley forfeited this round.


Due to FF by my adversary and without him providing many points I will keep this short and sweet.

People earn money so that they can spend it how they wish. Anything can be a bad habit if you do not keep it in check. Eating can be a bad habit, but with proper moderation buying lottery tickets are quite permissible. So what good do they serve?

The tickets themselves actually goes to the state general fund.

The money from these tickets goes to help schools, develop new buildings, lower taxes and anything else the state may need to improve on. Sure the person who wins the lotto gets a lot of the money, but think about how much taxes get cut out of that, and add to that the fact the person is not getting the full amount that is actually put into the lotto itself. It is just a percentage. It is like a huge raffle that the state literally has to pay hardly nothing to maintain. You tell people to buy tickets, the money goes into a pot. At that point take some of the money out of the pot and give it to the winner, tax them and take some of it back. You have just made 20 million dollars for the general fund without spending hardly nothing doing so. Overall it is an amazing concept and can greatly help things like education funding.

All in all my adversary has stated an opinion and not facts. He says buying tickets is bad and has not met his resolution. Until he does the most obvious thing we can chose to believe is that the tickets themselves are actually a good idea and help benefit the state.
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