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is homeschooling your children a better education than public school?

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Started: 10/2/2014 Category: Education
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first round is just acceptance then we begin i cant wait to debate i am a homeschooled kid so please state if your public or homeschooled


I accept this debate.

I am currently a sophomore in a public high school, and will attempt to prove that home schooling is overall negative for the student in question.
Debate Round No. 1


"There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent."
R13; Mahatma Gandhi
There are many studies that have show the advantages of the home school path for kids. According to a 1997 study entitled, " "Strengths of Their Own: Home Schoolers Across America."

Homeschoolers out-performed students in the public schools by 30-37% in all subjects.
The race of the student did not make any difference.
In grades K-12, both white and minority students scored, on the average, in the 87th%.
In the public schools, however, there is a sharp contrast.

White public school eighth grade students, nationally scored the 58th and 57th% in math and reading.
Black eighth grade scored on the average at the 24th and 28th% in math and reading.
Hispanics scored at the 29th and 28th%in math and reading.
More money does not mean a better education

Average cost per homeschool student is $546
Average cost per public school student is $5,325

No matter what the race the outcome is not different on adverage. Public schools are not that way as this study has shown.

Also According to The Scholastic Achievement of Home School Students:

20,760 students in 11,930 families took the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS; grades K-8) or the Tests of Achievement and Proficiency (TAP; grades 9-12) through Bob Jones University Press Testing and Evaluation Service.
Almost 25% of home school students were enrolled one or more grades above their age-level peers in public and private schools.
The median scores for every subtest at every grade were typically in the 70th to 80th percentile... above those of public school students.
home school students in grades 1 to 4 performed one grade level above their age-level.

thank you for joining this debate i cannot wait for the rest of the debate


In my opening argument I will display five key arguments to display how homeschooling is, overall, negative for both the student and the teacher.

1. Cost

Homeschooling can prove to be very expensive due to the fact that the teacher/parent would have to buy all of the teaching materials with their own money, as opposed to a school buying the supplies for the student. Annually, it costs approximately $2,500 per student to homeschool [1]. While it is true that students in public schools cost more overall, the parents do not have to pay the vast majority of that. Also the fact that their are no tax breaks on parents that homeschool their children is a major issue as well [2].

2. Stress
Due to the fact that one person is educating a child every day of the year, it is understandable that they will eventual feel the stress of supporting their family and educating their child/children. Having to plan the lessons for every single subject is a daunting task, and it is inevitable that the quality of education will decrease when the parent begins to feel stressed [3].

3. Quality of the Teacher
Another issue presented with homeschooling is if the parent is actually able to teach their student everything that they need to know to perform at a similar level as public school students. For example if a particular parent is skilled in science however has a limited knowledge about history, when the student reaches the higher levels of education, they will not receive an adequate education in history.

4. Socialization
The primary concern that is presented with homeschooling is how will the child ever learn to develop the social skills required to succeed in the world. While there are many studies that show that homeschooled children have decent social lives, I believe that it is not enough. A person needs to constantly be around their peers to truly understand human nature, and if they are spending the majority of their time separated from their peers it is unlikely that they will be able to have social lives similar to public schooled children.

Also, I would like to contend with the idea that homeschooled students are socially mature as Graph A displays how only about 60% of homeschooled children get married [4].

Graph A:

5. Influences
I believe that this is the most crucial part of my argument. The major issue that I find with homeschooling is that if a student is educated by only one person for their entire life, then it is inevitable that they will adopt almost all of their teachers views and opinions. This is harmful for the student as it means that they will never be able to truly understand how they themselves view the world, even if they think that they dobecause all of their thoughts will truly be their parents thoughts infused in their minds. One of the positive aspects about public education is that their are so many different opinions and views that the individual will not be able to adhere to one particular mindset. Instead they will be forced to think on their own and eventually develop their own opinions on the world.


Debate Round No. 2


quality of the teacher is not much of a debate because most of homeschooling is now done online and most parents who do teach their kids know how their kids think and does not have to teach 18 other children .

Homeschooled children, when following a structured education plan, tend to test higher than their publicly-schooled counterparts and fellow homeschoolers whose time is unstructured, research shows.

Though research tends to show only positive outcomes associated with homeschooling America"s children, some critics of homeschooling claim that there is very little research that shows anything significant about the academic achievements and the social benefits of home education.

New studies show that, if the set curriculum is structured and followed at home, some children today have better test scores in math and reading compared to students attending public schools.

Analysts from Concordia University and Mount Allison University in Canada studied 74 home-schooled children, ages 5 to 10, and compared them to 37 children attending local public schools.

Results show the students attending public schools tested at or above their grade levels, but the home-schooled students tested about half a grade higher in math and 2.2 grades higher in reading.

and when im talking about homeschooling im not talking about unschooling their two huge different things

and my final argument is that school and home will influnce us to do things anyway but school has a less positive influence(drugs sex and bullys)



It appears that I, similarly to my opponent, am pressed for time at the moment. Therefore I will keep this rounds argument brief. I offer my apologies to my opponent.

As I stated in my first round argument, while it is technically true that public school education costs more than homeschooling education, their is a key difference. For public school, the state provides for the majority of the cost, while with homeschooling the parent is required to pay the full cost. On a side note, it is interesting that my opponent and I have conflicting statistics on the cost of homeschooling, perhaps it is a variable matter.

Test Scores
This provided the bulk of my opponents argument, and as a result I will spend the majority of my rebuttal discussing it. It is clear that from my opponents multiple sources and studies that homeschooling gives students better grades, however there are a few issues with the argument.

For one, it is possible that the reasons for why certain homeschooled students excel in a particular subject in comparison to public schooled students is because their teacher is proficient in this area and spends a large portion of their time in the subject. The issue with this is that the student will consequently not be getting a proper education in all of the subjects, as opposed to one individual subject.

Another point to mention is that grades alone are not the sole marker for success. For example, Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed University, and despite this went on to establish one of the most successful companies in the world. The reason for this is that in the real world, the formula for success is a combination of intelligence and people skills. Nowhere in this equation is grades involved, as it can be perceived that a person who is intelligent may not achieve high test scores for a number of reasons. The problem with homeschooling is that the students generally fail to develop the second part of the equation adequately, and as a result are not as well equipped for success in the real world.

With this meme as reference, I will end my rebuttals on a more humorous note. Back over to you, Pro :)
Debate Round No. 3


I hate to say this but grades are not everything but with homeschooling the school is a better environment for the student to strive and get better grade because of this and i have to agree Steve jobs did drop out of college but its college. He stayed in high school so that statement is invalid.

NOW for that meme

...we have sports too....but in all honesty i get to wake up at ten lunches mean real food not that disgusting school stuff you called food...i can go to school in my pjs every day. now honestly how can you beat that..certainly not teen pregnancy or drug abuse or bullies or your food.



Final Rebuttals

This round will be quite short, apologies in advance.

Online Education
Their are multiple issues with taking online courses. For one, it removes the aspect of the student being able to ask questions to the teacher. Questions, in my opinion, are the true way that a student, or anyone for that matter, can learn. If one is unable to ask questions, they are unable to advance any further than what the teacher is presenting. This is a severe drawback because it removes all academic diversity. Another issue with online education is that if the student does not understand a concept, it is very difficult for the student in question to get help from the teacher because the teacher is actual a computer.

Test Scores
Please see my round 3 argument.

I have rebutted every one of my opponents arguments, while mine have remained largely uncontested. I have shown that homeschooling generally is bad for both the parent and the student, and therefore should not be considered a superior form of education to public schooling.

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Gods_Servant 3 years ago
lmao it amazing how much we can write and research on here but when tht essay is due you forget how to type/write anything
Posted by Atheist-Independent 3 years ago
I understand, I have an English Essay due tomorrow which I haven't started.
Posted by Gods_Servant 3 years ago
sorry its so short i have a huge test coming up online and ive been study like crazy
Posted by Gods_Servant 3 years ago
its fine thanks for leting me know
Posted by Atheist-Independent 3 years ago
I'll post my argument tomorrow. I had another debate which I was writing up the argument tonight.
Posted by Atheist-Independent 3 years ago
Do you mind just posting them in the comments section?
Posted by Gods_Servant 3 years ago
yes ill put it at the end of next round
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
One of the main criticism of home schooling by the teachers unions is they have less money. We have thrown billions of dollars at our school system and little johnny still can't read or do math.Because they are more interested in social engineering that academics.The kids come out OK with gays, but cannot give change at a checkout line.That is because the radical,if it feels good , do it, crowd of the 60's have put on a suit and tie and are now teaching in most of our schools.And in government.Anything that is remotely Christian has to be stamped out according to their manifesto.What their tirade has left us is schools with metal detectors, teen pregnancies skyrocketed. Of course their " final solution " is killing the babies.They have weaned a whole generation of little commies.
Posted by Atheist-Independent 3 years ago
*R2 nac
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Reasons for voting decision: Con was uncontested as the superior debater.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro had a couple of good points, but Con made excellent rebuttals to all of them. A very well structured argument on Con's part as well; I got the impression that Pro was perhaps a little too emotionally attached to the topic, and was drawn into making uncalled for statements like "school lunches mean real food not that disgusting school stuff you called food". Many of Pro's arguments were grammatically flawed, whereas Con's were not. Interestingly, that has bearing on the debate topic itself, at risk of course of committing a hasty generalisation and possibly an ad hominem attack (so I won't be using that as a factor in judgment, just thought it was interesting).