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is it a good idea for kids to drink energy drinks in classes

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Started: 1/14/2015 Category: Health
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i think that students should not HAVE energy drinks in class, because they ONLY have a little bit of sugar in it. WHAT?


Energy drinks are beneficial to students and can help improve their experience within the educational system. They have many benefits over regular beverages and are not as bad as many people think. Since they have an excess amount of caffeine, sugar, and other related ingredients, it allows them to have and give the consumer a high amount of excess energy. Since the person has consumed such a high amount, it allows them to complete tasks that they normally would not be able to do, whether mentally or physically. In physical terms, this is obvious as it can allow athletes to go beyond their body limitations and outperform those that have not used an energy drink. In mental terms, excess energy can make one go in a "hyper" state - which they cannot stop and stay idle and must continue to talk, move, think etc.

This can be used to one's advantage if used and maintained properly, as the user can now process information and solve complex problems much faster than before, can have faster reactions and reflexes to reduce the amount of time and effort spent on the easier challenges in school, and the "hyperness" itself allows the user to have full concentration and motivation on what they desire (key factors to succeeding in anything). Unlike soda and juice which has excess chemicals and acids that are not healthy for one's body, there are many nutrients, minerals, and vitamins found in these drinks as well, making them great alternatives to water and milk.

That's not to say there are no flaws, as once the hyper state is over, the exact opposite occurs which can do more bad than good to the user. Also too much of excess energy can even damage your health in the long run. Many ingredients also either do nothing at all or they simply are part of soda as well, not making them very healthy. But overlooking those past flaws and using energy drinks in moderation (everything needs moderation), students can indeed use these in educational facilities to better benefit their learning.
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cheesehead12 forfeited this round.


Looks like I won because opponent got pwned by me - vote for pro everyone!
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Posted by Shrek_sDrecKid 2 years ago
I want to debate with you but this website keeps telling me to wait 10 minutes to accept another open debate!
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