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is it compulsory that women in india have to leave their parents home after marriage

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Started: 3/25/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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Hi i do not think it is fair that being a girl its compulsory that a girl have to leave parent's home after marriage.its just change in sex now a days even women are equal to men than why its compulsion. Why women have to sacrifice always. Why she always consider herself weak and let people take its benefit. I mean why its compulsory ! Just want to why its compulsory ?


I accept.
Compulsory definition: "required; mandatory; obligatory"
I'll wait until next round to make arguments so that we have an equal amount of rounds. Thank you Con for instigating this debate, and good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


hi thank you for accepting. i want to clarify few points before the debate
1) why its compulsory - its a quesion and if you are an Idian boy/girl than only you can able to answer it
2)my topic:- yes it is compulsory for a girl in india that she have to leave her parents house after marriage.its a rule

All the best!

everybody in India knows that a girl have to leave her parents house after marriage. Its a fact .my opponent have accepted this challenge which i appreciate but a fact is a fact nobody can change this can ask any Indian. no mater if a girl is earning or independent still she have to leave her own house and have to live with her husband and his family.

it is now became a rule .a rule which is not written in our constitution.a rule which is not written anywhere but everybody follows it . i am not saying that i am against this .I am even not saying that a girl should not leave her house. i am saying why its a rule. why its not a choice.

an Indian girl can sacrifice anything. even if she will be given choice or option still she will choose to leave her parents home because she may not be able to see her husband living with her and missing his parents and getting sad. so is it fair ? only because she cant see her husband sad people consider it as a rule

an Indian girl knows how to hide her tears well and can learn how to be happy without her parents in new house with new family.she cant see her family or her husband in pain. so that is why she keeps sacrificing things .only because she can manage all this ( here i mean she is strong enough to hide her pain just to see her husband happy)so well so she cant be given choice or in other words i can say only because she is master in hiding her tears it became compulsion on her

since from childhood a girl has been taught that this is not her day you have to leave it .your husbands house is your real home. why its compulsory? is it a curse to become a girl !


Arcanas forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Hi as my opponent have nothing to say so i cant argue further.


"i am saying why its a rule"

Con needs to prove his in order to win the debate. Although it was unclear what the resolution was before, she shows what it is and what her side is in this sentence. Unfortunately, she fails to bring any evidence to the table that proves that this is the case. As the one with the burden of proof, Con must prove her statement. Not show that it probably is true, could be true, or might be true, but completely true. Con doesn't even give us a source, leading us to believe that there is no evidence, and thus my opponent has not fulfilled the burden of proof she had for this debate. She did not prove that it is compulsorary and essentially loses.

With her BOP unsatisfied, Con essentially cannot win this debate. Vote Pro
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Mayura 3 years ago
Hi thank you the vote. Even u have have voted for my opponent still i am on winning side. Because yes no body will belive( other country) that its law in india which people have made for own sake.such boys or man dont understand such sacrifice because they think that its law and a girl have to do that its her responisblity. But they never value it so i want to show this world that it is not a law so value her life.value her sacrifice.a real man will never do this.
Posted by tejretics 3 years ago
*Con, not Pro.
Posted by tejretics 3 years ago
Once more, I state that it is *not* compulsory. Secondly, Pro is arguing something away from the resolution.
Posted by Mayura 3 years ago
Hi fifa boy thanx you we girls are ready to sacrifice anything we have that much power we can bear any kind of pain smiling we can also sacrifice anything for our husband but why it is so compulsory we indians have that mind set if you will ask this question to any indian than he will say that ' girls ko aisa hi kerna pasta hai '
Posted by tejretics 3 years ago
There is NO law that states that. It is not compulsory at all. It's the couple's choice.
Posted by fifaboy 3 years ago
hey even im an indian boy but im on your side?
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct to Con because of FF. Con did *not* argue against the resolution; she seemed to *accept* it and just commented on it being unfair, as Pro pointed out. The resolution, "is it compulsory that women in india have to leave their parents home after marriage", is *not* compatible with Con's arguments. Pro used the only source in the debate.