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is modern education able to inculcate moral values among the youth?

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Started: 8/4/2016 Category: Education
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Carter g woodson once said "for me, education means to inspire people to live more abundantly, to learn to begin with life as they find it and to make it better.
Respected judges , teachers and all my dear friends a very good morning to one and all present over here.
My name is adnan mohammed and my topic is "is modern education able to inculcate values among todays youth" and I stand for the motion
People say that modern education has made the people literate but not educated..
Here I have a point to make that :
From our primary classes to senior classes we are always taught to greet our teachers whenever we see them ! these are moral values
Every Thursday every student is told to give a handful of rice to the poor! These are moral values
Every child in every school respects his parents, teachers and friends ,these are moral values
Every day a moral lesson is taught in the assembly and this is moral value! And they say that moral education has abolished from modern education .
Value is a state of mind , a mental disposition on an attitude towards an certain idea or tradition
Schools have moral values embodied in rules,rewards and punishments. Schools convey to children what is expected of them , what is normal , what is right and wrong. It is often claimed that values are often caught rather than taught .
My fellow friend here is saying that because of modern education we have forgotten the basic moral values ..
, don"t we still remember the great lost souls like mahatma Gandhi , Jawaharlal Nehru . dr br ambedkar and many more ?
Is remembering and respecting the great persons not a moral value taught in our basic classes?
Modern education broadens the students mind by getting connected to the internet and lots of technol


In modern education there is a type of neutral morality that is based upon objective analysis. However, the more common thought of morality due to the neutral academic morality of objective analysis has no place in modern education. This means that morality is a choice that the individual must make on their own.
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