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is psych the best original comedy show ever

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Started: 4/18/2012 Category: Technology
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the tv show psych shown on usa and ion televion is I would say the best original comedy show ever. if it wasn't as amazing as it is why would they bother to show it and keep it going? what other shows would contend with it? psych is hilarious and entertaining. what other comedy shows can you think of?


For those reading this debate who are unfamilar with the TV show Psych you should probably not vote as you have no idea of the the show in question to say it is or is not the greatest ever. but if your determined to anyway then I put a trailer for the show in this debate, so watch it and preferably one episode at the least before voting.

As to my opponent I would like to say thank you for starting this debate and welcom to DDO!

Now while I will say that Psych is a great show and is easily becoming one of my favorites to watch right now, its a hyperbole to say that its the greatest and flat out wrong to say most original.

For example let me turn our attention to the hit show Eureka on the Syfy channle. This show is like plesentvill meats the Twilite Zone, the characters are also really great and the show appeals at all sorts of areanas of entertainment. Its interesting science fiction twist, it has humor, drama (on time changing scales), action, mystery.

Sherif Carter is a great everyday type guy in a town full of geinuses finding he needs to come up with common sense solutions all the super intelligent workers at Eureaka miss, often with the fate of the planet hinging on it.

Anther Syfy channle original that I can say easily say I love way more than Pych is "Warehouse 13" made by the same people that made Eureka (and placed in the same universe, they have awsome cross-over episodes). This Show has two former secret service agents as 'warehouse' agents a oganization so secret that even the CIA and the FBI and the Secret Service heads have no idea about its existance. they hunt down rare and powerfull 'artifacts' and lock them away in the warehouse. Easily has all the things that Eureaka has except more original and way better. I blame this on Claudias Character one cannot help but just like.

To more shows I want to just drop the names of in this round more to disprove the 'most original' part of the resolution the comidy show part. The Glades and The Mentalist the second of wich has even been refrenced on the show Psych before (Shawn was telling gus how he would make things up to his dad by hanging out with him and watching the mentalist together)
Psych, while a good show and entertaining, is certainly not original. Its basically a homiced detectictive show with an essentric loose cannon lead with some form of a more stoic or by the book sidekick that has to go along with the lead. The Glades and the Mentalist are just two shows I chose to name because I have personally watched them but even those are not 'ground breakers' in the field of cop shows. sure the nuances of the personality of the leads of detectives Jim, Jane, and Shawn are different but the basic principal the writer used to come up with them is the same.

the pycich twist? also done before

really at best you could Pysch is a combination of tried and true ideas used before in the past. the show has all the ingreadents found before in some of my favorite shows and thats part of why I like it. its written very well is another reason the show is good and will survive to continue having more seasons at least for a little while as some shows seem to have all the ingreadients but the actors are weak leads or weak sides.

while I think for this debate if I had to focus on putting just one show to contend against Psych I think I would like the pick Warehouse 13 though I would not strictly call that show a comidy, but you couldnt strictly call it anything else, its just all together good and very entertaining.

but I feel a few shows should get honorable mention never the less but I wont waist time sourcing them

Sienfield-its a legend in sit comes, it was the first show about absolutely nothing but random observation humor of Jerry Seinfield, TV land cancled all shows when its final episode was about to air after the series very long run had ended and just put up a screen telling people to go watch Sienfield.

Friends- usually sitcomes have groups of people in some sort of common situation that puts them together like they had to move into the same apartment or they work at the same place, go to the same school, same familey, but this show just decided to start with the premise that they are together because there friends. I think that awards the show 'original' and TV land also cancled all shows airing for Friends final episode too.

The Cosby show
Everybody loves Raymond
Home Improvement
all shows TV land stop everything for to tell people to watch the last episode of its series.

also the Big Bang Theory I think should get an honorble mention though its still going on, its definitly original being about nerds and does not need to use overused plot background of a murder investigation to make the show good

while I'm at it the Office too. very original kind of humor for a sitcom and I garrentee you TV land is going to stop everything for that show too when it ends.

I await my opponents response
Debate Round No. 1


no I'm not I'm going to eat chetos not serious. anyhow there is no way that you can have an organization that is too secret for the secret service to know about. yes the mentalist is awesome but not as awesome as psych. Seinfeld is so full of inappropriate content it is unique to say the least. I'm not even going to dignifie friends with an answer. yes the Cosby show is great but not as awesome as psych. Raymond not as much. big bang theory is okay and the office was okay for a little while. so psych is the best original comedy show ever.


Unless the readers of this debate are familiar with my past debates they might not get the joke my opponent made with the cheetos comment. check it out if your in for a entertaining read.

To begin

A: The Secret Service only has the job of protecting the president, so its concievalbe an organizations purpose could not be of something they need to know.
B: Theres no way you can have a detective who solves crimes with pychic powers because those are not real so at the same token you critisize Warehouse 13 Psych is equally critisisable.
C: All of that is irrellevant to the fact that Warehouse 13 and Eureka are amazing all together good shows and I would even say for Warehouse 13 the best show ever. Watch this commercial for season three.

D: if your not going to dignify responding to my point about Friends with a response then that is what we call dropping an argument on this site wich is basically conceading to my point that Friends is a better Comedy Show than Psych.

E: The Very Closest you came to actually arguing against any of my examples of better shows is refering to Sienfield as being full of inappropriate content. The rest was just giving us a quick ranking of your personal taste but without reasons behind it.

In short you have taken all my arguments at the resolution as if I was asking you this "what about this show jimloyd? surely you must like it better than psych" But I'm going to have to dissapoint you I am not. of wether or not you think Psych is the greatest show on earth there can be no doubt. your clearly going through a 'psych' phase in your life right now. Wether it will last only time can tell.

But the Resolution, like Reality itself is objective and the voting audience cannot be assumeed to just review and like shows the same way and to the same degree as you and me, so its our job in a debate with a resolution like this to offer some form of specific critique on the writing and style of any of the shows we choose to bring up and for you primaraly a case in favor of Psych. So far you have failed to give any real discription of the show at all, I've done more to tell the audience about the show Pycyh than you have by giving a link to a video of a psych trailer. In fact I could challenge that you have even watched Psych before in the past considering theres little proof that you really know anything about the show the way a real fan would within this debate so far.

So in Summary....

1) my opponent has not responded to my challenge that Psych is not original when I compared the basic elements of its plot to just 2 of the many murder/cop shows that have long existed before psych.
2) my opponent has not even acknoledged that I spoke about the Eureka show being great in eveyway including humore, possibly because he has never seen it and thus knows he would be speaking in ignorance to say that its worse or better than his current favorite show.
3) My opponent has left unadressed my argument from the more objective aprasial of shows by wich ones where honored by TV land during the airing of there final episode as being amoung the 'greatest' sit coms ever.

thats all that really needs said by me for this round

I await my opponents response
Debate Round No. 2


now I'm going to eat an cadbury egg, A the secret service has the job of protecting the president and to do so they would know of I would say every organization so they can keep tabs on the people that might want to hurt the president.

B yes there is no such thing as psychic powers but that is why it is so funny because he actually does solve the crime by attention to detail but pretends to do it such a wacky way it just so hilarious.

C yes the show does look funny but I haven't seen a whole episode so I can't really judge if it is better than psych witch I am sure it is not.

D no what I meant by that is that I just don't think that friends is a good enough comedy show to make the consideration list.

E yes I guess I did do that but that is because you can easily watch any episode of psych with your children and not worry about having to mute it when it starts to get inappropriate because it doesn't. I cannot say the same thing about Seinfeld.

I await my opponent response.


A: this point is really inconsequential to my argument considering point B witch I will get too again but the nature of the warehouse is to find and capture dangerous powerful historical artifacts and lock them up and keep there existence. Like MIB logic people are panicky and stupid so stuff like this has to be kept from public knowledge people cant go out afraid if they are touching a pen it will mystically harm them just because it belonged to Edgar Allen Poe. Should a artifact that would be dangerous come close to the president the Warehouse itself will take care of it before the Secret Service even has a chance to worry about it.

B: Not on the Show, on the show his ‘attention to detail' is amplified by his very legit psychic powers. So its just as much a leap to get on board with as canes that cause earthquakes, WW2 artifacts that cause ghost Santa's, or Mason Jars from the Donner Party that make people Zombies. Except of course it's a less interesting sci-fy twist/gimmick to the show to follow along with. And its not purely driven by police murder investigation like oodles of other shows out there are although Warehouse 13 can include episodes like that to shape things up.

C: you admit that you have not seen a full episode of Warehouse 13. I have seen many full episodes of psych and every aired episode of Warehouse 13. Whose really more equipped to say which is better me who has seen both and can compare the two or you who has seen one and not the other? Consider this, before you watched Psych for the first time your peak expectations for what a show could be was met by some other show you like that I guess would be your second favorite show now (possibly). But when you watched Psych you realized it was a better show and now its your favorite. From just a commercial you cant help but admit Warehouse is likely entertaining imagine how much better the show would be if you watched through whole episodes. Maybe it would be better maybe it would not, you cant say for sure since you have only seen one of the two series. I on the other hand have seen both and can say for sure with more authority than you that Warehouse 13 is a way better show.

D: you say this without even addressing my point that is in common in all the shows I listed; Seinfeld, Friends, Everybody loves Raymond, they where all so good that they are now used for classic references you would probably find Shawn making on a episode of psych. They were all so good that TV land has tapped them out to one day play them side by side with there current TV legendary classics like the Andy Griffith show, Gilligans ilse, the Munsters, Bananza, Green Acres, the Beverly Hillbillies, Mash, ect…. They tapped those shows out by stopping everything they were airing during the Friends series final.

TV land has a way of Tapping out shows as ‘among the greats' even if they are still airing during there TV land awards. Last year 2 and half Men got an award for future TV classic showing that it too would one day join the TV ranks of Seinfeld, Friends, Everybody loves Raymond, ect…. The show Psych has not been tapped out in anyway that you have brought up except you own personal enjoyment of the show as one of those greats.

E: your missing my point on this bullet, with the exception of speaking of Seinfeld, you have given no rational critique of any of the shows I mentioned to put up against Psych. That leaves those arguments un-refuted as being potentially better than Psych.

My last round summary still stands

I have enjoyed this debate with my opponent and ask the voters to VOTE CON!
Debate Round No. 3
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