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is school entirely useful in later parts of life?

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Started: 5/21/2015 Category: Education
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I'll try to take a stance on this debate. I doubt subjects like say music would be useful to scientist.
Rules- No semantics, forfeiting is direct 7-point win to me.
No new arguments or rebuttals in round 3


I accept BOP is shared
Debate Round No. 1


Okay then I'll start.
In my school I have about 15 subjects - Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, English, French, Arts, Music, Drama, IT etc. Although most are useful, some of the subjects don't come in use now and may not come in use in later life. I am in 7th grade, so I may not know much about how these subjects help out later.
Arts- Sure, its a good career choice, but given the less time in school for it it doesn't really help out. Plus, if suppose someone takes another job, it is very unlikely that they would even remember art if not very passionate about it.
Music- Another subject that I find not at all useful. Although I like listening to music, my mom isn't willing to spend money on an instrument, and frankly, neither am I. Why try listening your own songs when you have much better songs made by other skilled composers?
Drama- It is highly unlikely that even if you are passionate about drama you will be able to rise up in the industry. With high competition, it is unlikely one would become a famous actor, and once again if you are not taking a job in drama then watching movies made by others in far more entertaining and easier than making your own.
History- My nearby adults don't remember much of history, and it is unlikely someone would pursue a career in history given the aura surrounding it that 'it is boring'. Wasn't there a saying 'live in the present, not the past.'?
French- I am not going to France, plus I have google translate and tourist guides to help out. Why learn a third language unless if it is of your own country? And we would be lost if we go to a country which doesn't speak French or English, so what's the use of it?
English ( SOME PARTS)- Of course English is useful, given the fact that I am typing it down now, but some things like the elements of a story and poetry don't appeal to me. Unless you are an author, story-writing and poetry won't come in much use later,
Math (SOME PARTS)- Math is very useful, it helps in day-to-day calculations, but drawing a graph has no use, given the fact that you can use Ms. Excel for it. You can learn reading a graph, but not making it and wasting time!
Chemistry (SOME PARTS)- I don't get why I need to know the elements of the periodic table and the atomic number, for they don't seem to be useful in any other job or daily life. What difference does it make if I say you are made out of 6 billion atoms or 7? If that knowledge is not helping, is it worth learning?
Although being educated is necessary for a good job, is school teaching the useful things in the right way?
I await con's rebuttals.


I would like to thank con for instigating this "unique" debate. I've seen it argued many times that general Education can be a waste of time and that many of the things learned are the opposite of useful to the majority of people. This is a very naive way of looking at things and I fully intend to put this to rest.

"Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family."
This is a quote from the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan. A man who dedicates himself to making the world a better place. He isn't the only one. Many people recognize the importance of education and it's role in forward momentum. Aside from the average juvenile of today few would argue that obtaining knowledge is a positive force for humanity.

Con's original stance said "I doubt subjects like say music would be useful to scientist." This would seem to imply that the job of a scientist is more important than the job of a musician. Both serve different purposes and both are equally important too those purposes. To basically imply that all fields, aside from science, are useless is very closed-minded and naive. Especially considering how very few people actually become scientists. The title of this debate being "Is school entirely useful in later parts of life" I will be centering my argument around what can be considered "personal usefulness". As opposed to what can be argued as useful for humanity as these things can vary widely depending on any number of belief sets, religious views, and moral standings.

To start I would like to simply provide a list. This list will contain Jobs that can be found in various fields of study con deemed as "not useful".
Writing analytical- Art curriculum writer, Art Historian, Art Critic, Arts Administrator, Arts and Cultural Planner, Website owner/blogger, Graphic Novel Author.

Graphic Design- Advertising Director, Logo/Branding designer, Advertisement Designer, Sign writer, Magazine layout Designer, Book/Ebook Designer, Packaging Designer, Calender/Stationary/Wallpaper Designer, Typographer

Digital/Multimedia- Animator, Concept Artist, Digital Illustrator, Digital 3D Modeler, Web Designer, Smartphone App Designer, Television/Film Producer, Documentary Filmmaker, Camera Operator, Film Editor, Special Effects Designer, Video Game Design, Youtube Video Creator. And so on and so forth. More can be seen here.

Music Manager, Touring Manager, Sound Technician / Sound Tech / Theater Sound,Lighting Technician / Theater Lighting,Stage Manager, Stage Technician, Stage Rigger,Publicist,Tour Coordinator, Tour Promoter,Concert Promoter,Concert Promotion, Event Production,Event Manager,Event Planner,Wedding Planner,Tradeshow Planner,Rigger,Event Technology,Audio Engineer,Live Sound,Sound Design,Sound Operator, Lighting Designer,Lighting,Pro Audio,Audio Mixer,Audio Tech,Stage Hand,Tour Manager, Production Manager,Production Assistant, Wardrobe, And Ect ect ect. More can be viewed here.

Drama and Theater:
Actor,Announcer,Artistic Director,Director,Stage Manager,
Technical Director,Set Designer,Costume Designer,Hairstylist,Makeup Artist,Magician,Lighting Designer,Sound Designer,Property Designer,Carpenter/Scenic Artist,Special Effects Artist,Rigger,Electrician,Broadcast Technician,Musician,Casting Director,Editor,Film Editor,Art Critic,Producer,Technical Writer,Playwright,Production Assistant,Camera Operator,Film/TV Crew,Dancer,Journalist,Interviewer,TV/Radio Reporter,TV/Radio Host or Personality,Extra,Voice Over Artist,Announcer,Circus Performer,Comedian,Stunt person,Lighting Technician,Model,
And many many more that can be viewed here.

I think you get the point. I could do this for every subject you can possibly think of but I don't feel like I need to. However I will provide links to the rest at the end of my argument. If you look closely you will see that many career choices are part of multiple different fields of study meaning that having a general knowledge of a lot of things opens up your possibilities exponentially.

Now when asking the question of usefulness, you have to understand that something is only useful if you make it so. You have to have goals and understand what it takes to obtain those goals. Knowledge is ,in fact, power, but only if you choose to wield it. You're limiting yourself to the near endless possibilities by assuming that school is unimportant or useless. And that's only talking about just the career opportunities. Music, Art, Drama, Math, Chemistry. All of these things provide advancements in our quality of life not to mention how becoming accomplished at anything can give you a sense of purpose. A sense of self. You feel good about what you've achieved and how far you've come. All of these things are equally as important as any scientific advancement in terms of the personal. I don't think there's much more that I need to say. Thanks for the opportunity .

History Major Career list.

Since "French" is a spoken language I will instead provide a reason why learning it is a good Idea.

List of Jobs for English Majors.

Over View of Careers in Mathematics.

Career choices in Chemistry.
Debate Round No. 2


I think that you have misinterpreted the meaning of the first sentence 'I doubt subjects like music would be useful to scientist'. What I try to say here is that a person from one field won't have much use from subjects in other fields. so why can't the people who have already decided just study what they want to study?
'Knowledge is power' 'Pen is mightier than the sword'
Although these quotes are very popular and can be said to be true, it will only be true if you have the knowledge you need. I feel that school is just filling the knowledge from all corners and it is not useful. To a student subjects except Math and English rarely come in use during his or her daily life. For an adult if he has one job than all the knowledge gained before about all other fields don't come in use. Then isn't it better to focus on 3-5 subjects in school than being a jack of trades in all? What has happened to 'Quality over quantity'?
Some examples of not very useful-knowledge....
1. Astrology- If someone doesn't pursue a career in seeing the stars and universe, even knowing that Earth is the center of the Universe doesn't make any difference in their lives.
2. History- The news talks much more about the present, and information for a specific task can always be gained from google. Why learn other countries' histories when you are not sure about yours?
Furthermore, school gives lesser time to one subject so there is a lesser chance that you'll remember what you learnt.
Another point is that some careers are overlapping one or two subjects, and therefore the usefulness decreases. An example would be- Music jobs- Stagehand? That is more of drama than music, I think. Theater lighting, Stage technician, Event manager, etc. many of the jobs listed have a very thin relationship with music.This may be the case in the jobs listed for other subjects as well.
I wish good luck to con.


I don't know why Con wished me luck. According to the rules I'm not aloud to rebuttal or make any new arguments so Im just going to sit back and let the voter take me to victory. Vote PRO!! :D Con broke his own rules js :p Plus I'm clearly right....
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by lord_starscream 2 years ago
some subjects not general education that is too hard
Posted by 1Mustadio1 2 years ago
Is first round acceptance only? Because I really want to start.
Posted by 1Mustadio1 2 years ago
What is it exactly that you're questioning. Are you against general education? Or is your point that only some subjects actually matter.
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