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is school fun

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Started: 1/25/2017 Category: Education
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Friends. I can"t think of anything more luxurious than spending every day with my friends. When you leave school, meeting up with even one friend can take a lot of organising.
Free knowledge. My school was free: it cost me and my parents "0. "0 for English, Maths, Geography, History, Art, and lots of other subjects. What a bargain! Learning can be really expensive when you leave school -- especially in the UK, where university has now become almost as expensive as buying a little house.
Uniform. In England, school kids wear a uniform to school. Mine was blue. It wasn"t fashionable or particularly flattering, but it saved a lot of time in the mornings. Now it takes me ages to decide what to wear.
Short days. My school days sometimes felt very long but they were, in fact, very short. The school day started at 9 and finished at 15.30. I used to think of "home time" as the beginning of the evening, but nowadays I think of 15.30 as the middle of the afternoon.
Exercise. I"m not very good at sport, and I don"t really like it. But at school, sport was compulsory -- twice a week we had to play netball, hockey, rounders, etc. I now realise that this was a good thing! Without compulsory sport, you become very lazy


No it is not because we have to spend 6-7 hours a day listening to teachers and if we talk while they're talking we get in trouble we're forced to listen to them. So no school isn't fun. School hasn't even taught me much things.
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Posted by marxian_ginger 1 year ago
Not everyone has friends. The pro argument doesn't apply to loners (whether they are self-isolated or bullied or whatever the case may be)
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro gets my vote. Con's only point was how long school is, pro had many arguments, including how those long hours are with friends.