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is the confedederate flag offensive and should it be banned

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Started: 2/24/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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I believe the CSA is a symbol of the southern states. In this case it would be wrong to ban their flag because if you fly their flag it just means that you are proud of where you came from, not that you support slavery. And with all due respect if the CSA reformed I would join it. So if anyone believes it should be banned and it is offensive, you have one month amuse me.


The Confederate flag can be offensive to African-Americans, just as the swastika can be offensive to Jews. Specifically examples of racial violence incited because of this offensive flag are included on the following pages: [1] [2] [3]. Victims of the needless violence incited by the flag include members of all races and nationalities; indeed, the Civil War was a major turning point for America; even today, it continues to influence the current racial climate of the nation. Hopefully my opponent will agree that due to the similarities between the two, either both the Confederate flag and swastika are offensive and ought be banned or neither one is and both ought be allowed. For this rest of this round, I will operate under the presumption that the two are equivalent, allowing any attacks on the swastika to function as attacks on the confederate flag.

P1) Swastikas are banned in Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Latin America, and even in the video game COD: Black Ops [4]. They are banned for good reason. Indeed, if that many nations choose to ban a symbol, it follows that the banned symbol must have the potential to incite crimes or disrupt social harmony.

P2) Swastikas are used by antisemitism, racist, holocaust-denying, neo-nazi groups to promote Nazism, fascism, and white supremacy [4]. Banned swastikas sends a clear message to the public that these groups will not be tolerated and that being a fascist, white-supremacist neo-nazi is not okay.

Hopefully Con agrees with P1 and P2. These criticisms can easily be extended to the Confederate flag:

Q1) The Confederate flag is banned in Southern schools [5] because it is "RACIALLY HOSTILE, OFFENSIVE OR INTOLERANT" and has incited and will continue to incite criminal acts given the current racial climate of America [1][2][3].

Q2) Confederate flags are used by white supremacists [6] and racists [7]. Banning this flag will send the message that it is not okay to be a racist or a white supremacist.

I do not think Con is a racist, white supremacist, or neo-nazi. If only people like Con were allowed to fly the Confederate flag, I would have no problem with that. In fact, I fully support the legalization of the Confederate flag a couple decades later. However, right now, due to the current racial climate of the US, I must oppose it for the various reasons included in my speech.

In conclusion, the practical consequences outweigh the theoretical benefits of allowing the Confederate flag.

Debate Round No. 1


I believe the CSA is a symbol of the southern states. In this case it would be wrong to ban their flag because if you fly their flag it just means that you are proud of where you came from, not that you support slavery. And with all due respect if the CSA reformed I would join it. So if anyone believes it should be banned and it is offensive, you have one month amuse me.

Look the flag is a symbol of the south and it should not be banned. EVER. In my class we had a court case and I put the flag on my paper and people called it offensive look it will NEVER be banned because our government does not should not and will not have the power to do that the confederate flag is in no way like the Nazi swastika the Nazis can be classified as evil but the confederates were not evil people are just stereotypical and think all that the confederates wanted was slavery but that's not did you know Robert E Lee freed a lot of his slaves before the emancipation proclamation and he didn't even buy them he inherited them and it ticks me off when a classmate say "wait Richard Henry Lee was the father of the commander of the Confederacy, his dad was a great revolutionary war hero and his son was evil that's sad" you don't realize that slavery was going to end in the first place if the CSA won they would still figure out it was wrong maybe not quick but by now it would have been eradicated from the south if we won maybe you should ban the Union flag after all they killed hundreds of thousands of southerners and burned their houses and stop comparing it to the Nazi swastika and I'm not saying confederates didn't kill either but what do you expect its a war the confederate flag is also part of the Mississippi flag I have also heard it was used in tenesee during the American revolution top that. by the way i know that was a gian trun on sentence dont take off for that please.


TSH forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


why do you forfit do you believe I have won the confederate flag is a symbol of the south and it flies for freedom flying the confederate flag is an eqivalent ""i love the south" not saying "i hate blacks they deserve to be slaves" the worst thing a confederate flag can do is make someone think the holder of the flag doesnt agree with the government.


Con has convinced me that the confederate flag is not offensive and ought not be banned. I urge all readers to please give all 7 points to Con.
Debate Round No. 3


wow thanks


Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 4


Wow well ya so CSA is not offensive and KKK has no business using it


"Wow well ya so CSA is not offensive and KKK has no business using it"

I completely agree! Again, I strongly urge readers to give Con all 7 points for his exemplary performance.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by One_Winged_Rook 4 years ago
I can't accept because I don't fit your criteria.

But, I'll tell you what I'll base my argument on and you can challenge me directly if you want to.

To ban-- I am assuming you mean that the United States government should pass laws forbidding the public display of the Confederate Flag. If you mean anything other than this, it would change my argument.

It is in the interest of the United States government to preserve itself by all means necessary. (That was the whole basis of the Civil War, right?) Therefore, regardless of morality or public opinion, they should calculate exactly what would give them the best chance of long term preservation. While, I don't know that I could argue that currently the public display of Stars and Bars is a threat to national security, if the threat of the CSA returning was real... it certainly would be correct to ban the flag (in the eyes of the State). It would seem that you believe there is a chance that the CSA could return. So, if you concede that there is a realist chance of a CSA revolution, I would argue on those grounds that the Confederate flag should be banned (in the interest of national security).
Posted by dixie_boy 4 years ago
@TSH i did
Posted by safebug 4 years ago
What is it exactly that you are arguing about? Not enough imformation is given, nor your spelling and grammar good.
Posted by TSH 4 years ago
I am willing to accept this debate if Con changes the required age/rank/number of completed debates so that I can accept it.
Posted by natoast 4 years ago
I'd be willing to debate you on whether or not it's offensive, but I agree that it shouldn't be banned.
Posted by likespeace 4 years ago
Consider putting some effort into your argument. You will automatically lose spelling & grammar points based on your round one argument.
Posted by dixie_boy 4 years ago
Posted by Magic8000 4 years ago
Hardly anyone would argue to ban a symbol. I don't agree with Nazism, but the symbol shouldn't be banned. Which confederate flag are you talking about anyway?

It's also impossible to negate that it's offensive, since many people DO take offense to it makes it an offensive symbol to many.
Posted by dixie_boy 4 years ago
haha well you cant argue with that
Posted by chainmachine 4 years ago
Was about to take this debate but then realized I agreed with you. lol.
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