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is the war in iraq wrong

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Started: 4/11/2012 Category: Politics
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I think it was.
1.George w bush did it to make profit and to get re-elected in office, since no pres. has in a time of war.
2.many Americans died were the terriost threat was almost to 10 percent according to bush.
3.look how long it took to kill osama,jees


To begin, thank you for challenging me to this debate, I hope it is interesting and productive.

Framework: I would like to first discuss the phrase "wrong" in the resolution. What is important to realize is that we must focus the debate on whether or not the initial reasons for entering the Iraq War were valid and rational. Thus if the Con side can prove that the reasoning behind entrance into the war is sound, then the con should win this round.


Point 1: Saddam Hussein was a threat to his own people.
It is well known that Hussein's dictatorship was particularly brutal and violent. It violated a number of human rights standards in dealing with its own people. Thus upon entering the war with the intent of ousting Hussein and his dictatorship, the United States holds a moral high ground.

Point 2: Iraqi stability is important to the stability of the Middle East.
It is vital to the United States' interest that the Middle East retains stability. Given our massive oil based interests in the region, whose prices are largely dependent on that stability, it is vital that we protect the stability of the region. This adds a second incentive to the removal of the dangerous and rouge Hussein regime.

Point 3: Saddam Hussein's regime was given plenty of warning and time to change.
In fact, George Bush, speaking in October 2002, said that "The stated policy of the United States is regime change… However, if Hussein were to meet all the conditions of the United Nations, the conditions that I have described very clearly in terms that everybody can understand, that in itself will signal the regime has changed" Had Iraq modified its policies, the invasion would not have occurred, but as they did not, the invasion and subsequent regime change went ahead as planned.

Conclusion: It is clear that the rationale behind the Iraq War was solid and thus the war was not wrong.

I will save refutation of my opponent's arguments for the second round, as that is the most fair way to proceed.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 1


countcheechula27 forfeited this round.


Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 2


countcheechula27 forfeited this round.


I'll now respond to my opponent's initial arguments.

1. "George w bush did it to make profit and to get re-elected in office, since no pres. has in a time of war."
-This statement can't be proven.
-If by profit you mean that he hoped to stabilize the area to protect our economic interests, then yes.

2. "many Americans died were the terriost threat was almost to 10 percent according to bush"
-We must look at the reasons for entering the war, especially since my opponent has not responded to my framework argument. Thus this argument does not hold water.

3. "look how long it took to kill osama,jees"
-This is completely irrelevant. The purpose of the Iraq War was not to capture Bin Laden.

Thank you for reading this debate and please vote con.
Debate Round No. 3
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