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it doesn't make sense 4 most conservatives to like trump economically

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Started: 7/28/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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it doesn't make sense for most conservatives to like trump economically

he supports some protectionism per free trade, but most conservativs like pure free trade. so this can't be a reason they support him economically.

he wants to cut taxes by a trillion dollars a year. he has no serious plans to make any signicant cuts in spending. this will send the national debt into a spiral especially with the current and future deficit without the cuts not even being included w that trillion. there are next to no liberals who want to spend so much that it'd cost a trillion dollars, so all those small government conserativs have no excuse.... big debt is worse than small government, but trump woiuld make big debt and keep governemnt big.

the only way you could support him economically is if you believe in trickle down economics or think tax cuts would cause more revenue than taken in the long run. this has been proven wrong over and over.
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Posted by SaxonHammer 2 years ago
Applogies for letting everyone down - especially my opponent it was rude.
Big crisis, that has been build for a while needed my attention.
Posted by DavidMancke 2 years ago
Here here! Trump is going to get crushed like an empty beer can :-)
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