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it isn't wrong to be sexist.

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Started: 9/12/2014 Category: Society
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Females are predominately the ones to be judged due to their gender, by the opposite sex, males. Males on the other hand can also the ones who are judged, by their opposite sex, females. There is no law specifically for sexism, but there are laws regarding sexual discrimination. My personal view on sexism is that, it is wrong for males to be sexist towards females and it is wrong for females to be sexist towards males, and here's why.
In my opinion, just because you're a male doesn't make you anymore stronger than if you were a female on most standards like emotionally. There are studies showing that males are "technically" physically stronger due to More muscular definition. But that is another topic to be desperately discussed. What I'm trying to get at is, sexism is not right, period. We should consider both sex, equal. It will only cause more issues than we already need.


Women be bithin',
They all belong in the kitchen,
They men be out earnin' money,
They like a man on a mission,
The only purpose of a wife is to support her man's vision,
If a man says 'we need kids', the wife must produce on demand,
She must obey the man of the household, follow every command,
Hers to do and die, not ask why or understand.

She must go out and play sport,
She has that kid, doesn't abort,
She marries midgets whether or not she is turned on by men that are short,
It is her duty to be a cutie, she wears a skirt so that men can flirt,
How dare she oppose the accusations that she's down for the dirt,
She better suck it, like a human cum bucket,
Not touch her man's body unless she want's to rude up it,
Her duty is to do as she is told, to iron and to fold,
All of the clothes her man wears she best serve him until he's old.

Life is not about me equals you,
It's about doing as a good hoe should do,
All women be sinners,
Just look at Adam and Eve,
And f*ck the homosexuals; it wasn't Adam and Steve!
Women are inherently evil,
They are the scum of all people,
They are weak and pathetic, it's safe to say they're all feeble.

That's the truth, no doubt about it,
If you got an issue then go get doubted,
Shut up and read the bible,
Women deserve the menstrual cycle,
If a women gets raped, unless it's videotaped, only the man's witness account should be vital.
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riverq4 forfeited this round.


My opponent is most likely female.
Debate Round No. 2


riverq4 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by GoOrDin 3 years ago
all debates aside, Men must respect women. That is the predominant feature of being sexist. By viewing a woman as not an equal, we are required to substitute their lack of equality with the dignity of our capacities as men to be a positive influence on society and their lives.

religious barriers on equality are largely misinterpreted as the original barriers were not in fact impeding but supportive until later generations in a mixed society alter the significance and use fear to trap people.

most muslim women don't complain, and would complain much greater over the negative effects on society caused by adultery, which corrupts people and promotes negligence in relationships.

So long as we regard woman as being needed to be uplifted with utmost respect, I sincerely declare I am sexist.

Men need to restrain themselves, and improve themselves and the world before i'd think they can even hint that a woman should improve herself.
and whores who empower selfish, lazy, rude men are likely worse than he.
this is the crucial conjunction in my respect for women. I do not uphold adultery!
Posted by Terridax 3 years ago
Males and Females are not equal. There is no debating that, as you even said yourself that men are built completely different than women muscularly. We have different hormone levels, which cause us to act differently. We have different organs. There are many things that make us different.

The REAL problem is people saying that we should all be treated as perfect equals, whether it's sex, race, etc.
Nobody is equal to anyone else, we are all unique, so to say that we should be looked at equally is very ignorant and is solving nothing. To truly solve the issue, we all need to recognize that we are different and accept each other for our differences.
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct - Pro is a little troll-beast. Spelling and grammar - While it may have been for the sake of the rap format, ?bithin'? is not a correct spelling of anything. Also, there are loose lines (no attendant rhyme) at irregular intervals on every stanza. Unacceptable. Arguments - Con's argument was weak, Pro's was unexistent. Pro wins by default.
Vote Placed by FaustianJustice 3 years ago
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