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it should be compulsory for all school students to participate in a team sport .

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Started: 8/21/2017 Category: Sports
Updated: 10 months ago Status: Debating Period
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I think that sports should not be compulsory because
1. some people have disabilities and can not do it
2. lots of sports clubs can go bankrupt
3. some people have bad sportsmanships and when they play sports they could be sore winner or sore losers


Sports should be compulsory but with exception and it is also important.
1. Why would a school allow a person to do sports when he/she have a disability? He should be exempted and would be given an alternative work so that it would be fair for the other students that can do the sports.
2. You don't need a club just so that you could do sports. A lot of people just do it for fun or to get a slimmer body. It is also a good way to become healthier. It will also increase the relationship of the people within the team.
3. We cannot avoid this but we can change the behavior of this person that is a sore loser. Behaviors are just temporary and could be changed anytime by attending a counselor or therapist
4. It would also encourage young people to become the stars they want. Many young kids are watching sports but shy to join the sports club they want.
5. Sports is also part of culture. Not only it would improve cultural awareness but also it would give new generations of idea on how sports in their country actually made who they are today.
6. Sports is also a good way to prevent kids that are addicted to the technology. There are million of kids just staring at their phones at gadgets and doing useless stuff all the time. If some kids prefer to do sports then it could help them overcome their addiction that they don't even notice.
7. It is also part of the history of your/our country. Before going to sports, the teacher would give them a brief history of the sports they are going to play. It would give young kids an information that would make them more interested in sports.
8. There are so many things that are part of sport that it should be compulsory but with a limit and exception
Debate Round No. 1


to rebut all of your points,
1. exactly, why would they let the person do sports anyway? if they got given an alternative, wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose of participating in a team sport
2. just because people work in a team, does not mean that the relationship can increase. In some team sports, some people hate each other in the team. and also with a club, i also meant the school could go bankrupt. even if the government funded it, they would also have to fund every single school in the area or city
3. If the people that had bad sportsmanship all went to see a therapist then the therapist would be full pretty soon.
4. If the people that wanted to be a star but they were too shy, then wouldn't they be too shy to admit that they are a good player and be too shy to say to the club that they want to play for that I want to play for you
5. yes, sports may be part of the culture, but I don't think that just because of that, it could make a difference t the next generation.
6. yes it may stop people from playing on gadgets, but can't they just do that when they get home from the sport?
7. No. Just no. I know nothing about the history of soccer (or football) even though I have been playing this for more than 8 years.
8. yes but what parts of the sport? you need to be specific so I can rebut you.
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Posted by NDECD1441 10 months ago
In my experience, people who make a debate with this context immidiately forfeit in the second round....
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