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jesus is a god

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Started: 4/10/2012 Category: Religion
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shall we debate?


Jesus, is a God for several reasons:

1. Biblically speaking he was born of God in a miraculous fashion
2. He had supernatural powers including the power to bring people from the dead (Lazarus)
3. According to virtually the whole new testament Jesus planned and did everything according to his "divine" plan. This includes his death and reportedly resurrection.
4. Ultimately, we are all Gods although we may not know it, but according to the latest scientific research we are all made out of energy which can never be destroyed--we cannot die, and we've been here from forever. By default, Jesus is God.

Debate Round No. 1


if jesus is god why he didnt tell that he is god ?.. i knew he never told he said his father that means a father of all father of adam,noah,abraham,isaac,ismael,jacob,solomon,david, moses and jesus. if jesus alone god because he had no father and only mother that means adam is a greater god than jesus because he had no father and mother. listen brother jesus never claim divinity its only the historian wrote it almighty god never has family he is alone do not associate anything equal to him.

miracles: abraham, moses, yousuf and many more prophets done miracles each one had differ from each. Almighty god knews everything that if jesus do miracles then everyone follows him and worship as god but my dear brother jesus (pbuh) himself said in the bible that i do nothing from my hand whatever i ask my father he gives me. if jesus is a god why didnt he travelled all places of world why he stayed only in jerusalem because he sent to only jews to fullfill his prophecy. and he himself from his mouth never said that he is god and worship. my dear brother jesus name in hebrew (yushwa) the messi means the messiah means the messenger from almighty god thats it he is not god and from his own mouth never claim that the desipers had written something from hebrew but after 40 yrs it has translated to latin and greek from (mark.luke,mathew,john and paul) people who never seen jesus even once they never see,never speak with him,never travelled with him they dont even know his face by hearing and copied the original text according to their own living they changed the whole mean from the original book. if bible is the word of god just ask them from the start how many version of bible has released. Is the word of god can have these many different version this all version the exact same may differ one to one.

reseruction: first of all he didnt die in the cross it was some one when roman came to trapp him almighty god has taken jesus from the place and replace him with roman soldier itself. if he resurected means after that where did he go he said clearly that after he goes another comforter(prophet mohammed (phup) willl come to guide you. it is in hebrew clearly mention.

crucification : almighty god cannot die for our sins each and every human in the world should anser for his own sins. just think if almighty god die for our sins then we all are free from sins so anyone can kill anyone and anyone can steal anything because almighty god had died for oulr sins. just think how a god can die for our sins. some people says god had died for those sins who were living at the time of he lives in the world. then think what a partial god is that he had forgiven only those who lived with him. see brother think wise dont ask the pastor or faith healer they dont tell u perfectly. u itself read quran and bible and see the difference.

conclusion : if we throw all the holy books of all religion in the ocean including quran. then quran will come back with the same version withinn two days because it has clearly memorized in scholars memory thats why islam is fastest growing religion in the world.
Islam means submitting to one god(allah means arabic translation of god) and muhammed is his last final messenger and servant. all prophets are muslims i hope u understood my brother

god creation : almighty god has sent many prophets to the earth in that jesus is one of the mighties prophet in the world. but he is not god he is just a servant of almighty god he came to fullfill his prophecy.if u dont beleive try buying quran in english and read and see what it has mention about jesus. and read the scientific proof has mention in the quran just can't imagine and it has reaveled to last prophet.


m4rio forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DragonX 6 years ago
There is recent proof that we didn't evolve from the monkey & that humans were around the same time as dinosaurs. Both can be proved in this documentary Dragons or Dinosaurs. The bible does explain about dinosaurs. You can search up if you don't believe me. In Genesis 3:21 Genisis 1:29-30 Romans 5:12,14 & 1 Corinthians 15:21-22. You might not think so because the word dinosaur didn't exist until 1841. But the hebrew word was Tanniyn which's sometimes mean serpent Sea monster but mostly dragon. If you read those verses it'll tell ou the exact description of the dinosaurs. If you check th documentary Dragons or dinosaurs they'll show you in different countries that in ancient times that people have made numerous pictures of dinosaurs.
Posted by DragonX 6 years ago
Jesus didn't say he was a God he said he was God . He said those who have seen have seen The father . In the begging of Genesis It said in the begging there was the father Son & The Holy spirit. If you're wondering why if Jesus was god then why did he say my God why have you forsaken me. Picture it this way. Your Brain & your heart are both apart but you don't know everything your brain even science has proved that a persons body knows more than they do witch's why he wouldn't know when the rapture comes in the book of revelations. So think if it that way.
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