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kid cudi vs linkin park and other similar bands

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Started: 1/21/2012 Category: Society
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In this argument we will be debating which is a better from of music.
the rules are
1) support your statement with evidence
2) justify points and explain clearly


I accept the debate but for clarity I offer a resolution:

Resolved: Kid Cudi has better music than Linkin Park and other similar bands.

BoP is on both sides to prove why one side is better than the other. It should be noted that Linkin Park is a form of alternative rock so any other alternative rock band is considered "similar" and is fair game. [1]


Debate Round No. 1


oreostar forfeited this round.


In this round to keep the debate fair I will only post my case.

Observation: To determine who has proved that the music of each party is better multiple things must be considered. The quality of the music, the content that the music presents, and the success of each. Now with that in mind, let's move on to the case.


C1: Kid Cudi's music encourages drug use and other profane ideas.

In Kid Cudi's song, Marijuana he writes:

Pretty green bud
All in my blunt
Oohh I need it
We can take off now
Oohh Marijuana, yeah
Pretty green bud
All in my blunt
Oohh I need it
We can take off now
Oohh I know you wanna
Smoke” [1]

In Kid Cudi's song, Ashin' Kusher (referring to Kush as in marijuana he writes):

I know you know me, the double O repper
do you step a gun toter nana, smoke kusher
I know you lovin how I do it when I switch up the nizzame
skinny nigga Diggy in ya city getting chizzange
like I'm Carmelo, meet me in the gizzame
yammin on you sucka niggas, yammin on these HOES
roll swishers in the whip, with the pistol quick
as now whiskey motherfucka, we up in this bitch
hoes love cooder (cudder), smooth duder, cudua
I am climbing, I am climbing, and I know why “ [2]

I could go on providing songs pertaining to marijuana, sex, and other drugs but I will stop for now. Essentially the core basis of a vast portion of Cudi's music is about getting high and engaging in sexual activity, straying away from moral messages that the bands I advocate for teach.

The four bands I advocate for are the following:

Linkin Park, Broken Bells, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Incubus

C2: The four bands I defend are significantly more successful than Kid Cudi.

Red Hot Chili Peppers: After being named a finalist in September 2011 and failing to make the final cut the previous two years, on December 7, 2011 the Red Hot Chili Peppers were announced as part of the Class of 2012 inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. [3]

Linkin Park: Linkin Park has sold over 50 million albums worldwide and has won two Grammy Awards. [4]

Incubus: Incubus has completed multi-platinum sales. The song Make Yourself reached the Gold certification (500,000 copies sold) . [5]



The Broken Bells aren't necessarily a successful band yet for they are rather new but their music is still great and that will be shown later.

C3: The content of the music of the bands are significantly better.

Since my opponent forfeited, I won't explain how they are good but will leave them for you to decide:

“Anna Molly” by Incubus is a play on the word “anomaly”, or something distinctively different and rare.

The High Road” is an extremely deep song that contemplates isolation, conflict, and finding the “high road”, or the good life. The video somewhat explains itself and has a deeper meaning than the black and white lyrics express.

Tell Me Baby” shows the tumultuous experience of reaching success in the entertainment world.

Iridescent” by Linkin Park contemplates the bad moments of live such as devastation and “letting it go”.




3. Guns N' Roses, Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers Chosen for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame | Music News | Rolling Stone

4. ^ Rock On The Net, Grammy Awards: Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, Retrieved on June 9, 2007


Debate Round No. 2


argument 1
kid cudi used marijuana as a form of expression and relaxing from his pain.. his dad dies
kid cudi has quit weed, and he his a support of this drug.. kids should not do drugs, bands such as pink floyed encouraging drugs sing about drugs but you dont see people using that against them the red hot chili pepers used drugs to drugs its common for artists to use drugs

kid cudi has more meaning to his songs it take a very open mind to appreciate art that he expresses
listen to lyrics


All arguments can be extended across the flow.

Pro basically argues that it is to relax his pain (no warrant) and he doesn't do drugs anymore. He also states that other bands do, such as RHCP. The problem is, we are evaluating the music, not the people. The music of Kid Cudi recommends weed, the others don't. There really is no direct warrant from him or an argument so it is best to say vote CON.
Debate Round No. 3


kid cudi is power full as it is expressive, weed is a part was a part of his life...

kid cudi is a young music artists and should be respective for his music and poetry.
many relate to kid cudis music and hardship, most of his songs are about his life but expressed through poetry and few are about his use with marijuana.
in fact, his songs about marijuana are the most popular, so maybe people are more more interested in the drug instead of him as a artist. mr. rager the song below, is about his dead dad and how he managed with this change in his life as a 11 year old


Again, Pro never responds to any of my arguments so they can be extended across the flow.

Now I will make my final rebuttal to the new arguments Pro constantly brings up:

Pro states:

"many relate to kid cudis music and hardship, most of his songs are about his life but expressed through poetry and few are about his use with marijuana.
in fact, his songs about marijuana are the most popular, so maybe people are more more interested in the drug instead of him as a artist"

The very fact that the states that most of his kids are more interested in the drugs than him as an artist proves his music worse. At the point at which the quality of his music is simply to bring in kids interested drugs and evaluate it through drugs, the music is inferior to the music I am providing. There is no warrant about most of his music being about hardship; many are about drugs. However, we must look at the full spectrum in which drugs are commonly discussed in his songs.

Pro then tries to prove he's good because he has a dead dad and raps about him. Now not to be mean, but that doesn't mean that the content of his music as a whole his better. The lyrics as a whole do not convey good messages. Now I am a KC fan, but a bulk of his music is drug related. Some of his more recent work is deeper, such as "The Prayer", but thus far he has not been proven to be an emotional or moral rapper. I have provided four bands that are keen in conveying messages about life and Pro doesn't respond to any but simply reiterates himself. For these reasons I urge a vote for CON.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by MasterKage 6 years ago
Awwh Con you should have used System of a Down, Disturbed, and Serj Tankian.
Posted by oreostar 6 years ago
kid cudi
Posted by cameronl35 6 years ago
who are you defending?
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