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kyle bush is going to return for the season

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Started: 5/12/2015 Category: Sports
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as many NASCAR fans know, Kyle Bush, driver of the number 18 Joe Gibbs Toyota NASCAR car, broke his leg in the Xfinity Daytona race. he could not race for a long period of time. he has had substitute drivers like Eric Jones fill for him. i know that he will return for the end of the season. it is in the Kyle Bush spirit. there is no way that he will not at least try to race again in the upcoming races.


I accept.
1.Your arguments say that he will return for racing. Unfortunetly there is one problem with that argument. What is something else happens? What if he trips and breaks his leg or at least injures it enough he won't be able to race until this season ends. What if he gets shot? What is he shocks the world saying he won't race again? What if China surprise attacks America killing him? What if he is killed by terrorists? There are just too many what if to say that he will return. You didn't specify season so really I could consider that as the Spring and spring is going to end in one month so who says that something won't happen before then? I am sorry, but there are too scenarios to prove that without a doubt he will return before the season ends.
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