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leagalize recreational marijuana

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Started: 10/4/2012 Category: Society
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ok this debate may be different then most but whatever its all good for one thing i really don't care what you say as long as the arguments are on topic and at least semi well thought out. secondly you can call shenanigans this means if you think my argument doesn't make sense you can call me out on it and vice versa by stating shenanigans but you have to give some reason(s) why shenanigans has been called. other then that thats about it


I accept and look forward to this debate. and wish luck to my opponent.
Debate Round No. 1


sweet man good luck to you to!
if you look at the facts marijuana is the least harmful of all drugs in comparison tobacco, alcohol, and other illicit drugs cause well into the hundred thousands deaths per year while marijuana deaths are non existent in a recent study the american deaths to drugs were as followed:
all legal drugs......20,000
If you look at the facts above you'll see that alone to of the most abused drugs are also two of the most accessible and are the two that cause the most deaths of american per year.

secondly the myths that surround marijuana
myth one: marijuana leads to other drug use
this is simply not true while it is true that marijuana is the most popular drug in america and therefore most likely those who have used other drugs such as LSD, meth, coke, and heroine have most likely used marijuana at some point the vast majority of users have not in other words marijuana is not a gate way drug, rather it is a "Terminus" drug
myth two: marijuana causes mental illness
it is true that some of the side effects of marijuana use are panic, anxiety, and paranoia. these effects are only temporary and contrary to popular belief will not last for ever, In fact marijuana can help treat mental illnesses such as distress, anorexia and other eating disorders, adhd, distress. A study conducted in Germany showed that marijuana "offset cognitive declines in schizophrenic patients."
myth three: marijuana causes cancer
this is simply untrue according to several longitudinal studies shown that marijuana use by way of smoking does not lead to to higher risks of cancer in subjects. including tobacco related cancer and cancer of the
in a 2009 population-based study doctors found that it moderate smoking over a 20 year period actually reduces the risk for head and neck cancer. in a 5 year population based study it was concluded that heavy smoking doe not lead to or is associated with lung cancer or UAT (upper aerodigesitve tract) cancer.
myth four: marijuana causes long term cognitive impairment
The short term effects of marijuana do include changes in thought, mood and perception but long term effects show no such changes, these effects will only last for the duration of the "high". there is no evidence that concludes that even long term heavy marijuana use causes impaired memory and cognitive functions.
take power away from the drug cartels
in a recent documentary by vice that highlighted the war on drugs and the Mexican cartels that profited off it concluded that our policies here in America effect Mexico, the main drug used in america is marijuana, a good portion of that comes from Mexican drug cartels and so far The war on drugs is bloody and unnecessary one.In the past year alone the death toll of persons killed at the hands of the cartels was 34,612 innocent men, women and children. The efforts by law enforcement while noble are also futile. The only way to stop these cartel "killing machines" is to beat them at their own game. This would mean the legalization and regulation of marijuana. Cutting the Cartels main export is the only way to beat them, its time we look at legalization as a weapon to finally end the violence and save thousands of lives.

p.s sorry i didn't have time to put more i will further defend my arguments in the next round


Well I'll just jump right into it.

Your "facts" about the deaths are somewhat accurate as to tobacco, alcohol, legal drugs, and aspirin, but the reason you don't have the number of deaths from Marijuana is because there are no statistics that back it up. Yes, you could go on the internet and find a website that said that no one dies from marijuana and that simply isn't true. Now you have to admit that a person smoking marijuana is usually doing other drugs. such as meth, crack, LSD, etc. But when any of those people are to pass (God bless there souls) and an autopsy is preformed and they find all these drugs in the persons system, it is dang near impossible to indicate which one of the drugs was to much and killed the person. While marijuana release a drug that makes you feel relaxed, people who use it will get in a sense comfortable to the feeling and the body will get use to it, (jumping into your point #2) and in some cases will hold on to it, making the person slower and less "there" if you will. And yes the drug will take a lasting effect that may stay for a hour, day, week, moth, so on and so on.

your point (#3) I really don't have an argument for this point because there has not really been any serious research done to indicate marijuana does cause cancer, yes there has been stories that someone got cancer after they started to smoke marijuana but there is not enough evidence on either side weather it be (pro) or (con) to make a legit argument.

you point (#4) This sort of jumps back into my point that depending on the person who smokes the marijuana and depending on the amount that is smoked can depend if there is any damage done to a persons brain.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your response.
Debate Round No. 2


while you make a good point i must disagree and call shenanigans on you countless studies have been done on the effect of marijuana, while this doesn't give us as actuate as we would like they are good representations. i am not a forensic scientist but i have done a bit of study in the field and one thing i have learned is that even though there may be multiple drugs in a persons system at the time there are ways of eliminating certain drugs as COD or cause of death by running certain test/examinations of the body. The argument that it makes you slower is a general misconception made by most people. in fact it has been proven the occasional use of marijuana improves the lungs ability to effectively use oxygen which as an experienced runner i can tell you for a fact is the key to going faster. as for the mental relation to slow i can not disagree or agree with you because there are no sufficient studies that prove your point that it makes you slower. in addition studies have proven that the effect of marijuana are very limited and not as lasting as you say.
as for other drug, since the Netherlands has legalized marijuana they have seen a decrease in other drug use, this is because the drug is being distributed in a controlled environment rather then by a dealer where buyers of marijuana can be easily lured into buying and trying other drugs as well. there is no way to completely stop the use of marijuana it is to popular of a drug and to try will only waist time, money and resources. the best we can hope to do is to control and regulate use, the only way to do that is to legalize
with all that being said i was hoping you'd consider my final point because that may be the most important, i said it before our policy here in the u.s in regards to legalization of marijuana do effect mexico, and the longer we criminalize it and the longer we give power to cartels the drug trade is simple they give drugs to the us in exchange for guns which in turn full the killing, this is why it so vital that we take a different approach and legalize marijuana. the longer we wait the more lives will lost.
good luck to ya :)


ManForGod forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Wallstreetatheist 5 years ago
Pro tip: use formatting in your cases to make them more readable.
Posted by muzebreak 5 years ago
If someone calls shenanigans, does everybody have to get their brooms? Because mine kinda broke last week.
Posted by Wallstreetatheist 5 years ago
I'm making 'shenanigans' a mandatory rule in my instigated debates. Thank you commo_sense.
Posted by larztheloser 5 years ago
"shenanigans" is epic.
Posted by Double_Helix46 5 years ago
Rofl, at that baby, Ore-Ele, that was fuuny!
Posted by InVinoVeritas 5 years ago
The "shenanigans" thing is hysterical.
Posted by Ore_Ele 5 years ago
Do you actually need to call out "shenanigans" or can you simply point out why the arguments may be wrong?
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