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legoat james would be a better president than hillary clinton

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Started: 9/1/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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hitlery clinton can't even satisfy her old man how is she going to satisfy a whole country? I don't even know why I'm comparing her to hitler, hitler can at least satisfy his women.


Ladies and gentlemen, Pro would have you believe that LeBron (aka "LeGOAT") James can please his woman while Hillary Clinton is unable to do so. Pro would also have you believe that Bill Clinton's inability to remain loyal and honest to his wife is somehow indicative of her ability to please and serve both a nation and a lover of hers, in general.

I will hereby explain why not only is Pro's angle false but if anything it supports the Con view on this matter.

Hillary Clinton is married to, kindly put, a simple-minded barbarian whom not only was incapable of controlling his urges but regardless of his political savvy, was unable to keep a lid on his adultery. Hillary Clinton had the power to not only divorce him, which would have been both admired by the heavily feminist Democratic fan club but totally understood by any non-feminist who has any concept of what marriage and loyalty are. Instead of this impulsive, passionate move, Mrs. Clinton had the presence of mind to keep the marriage going. This displayed not only forgiveness and strength of character but pragmatically left her with all the power in the relationship from that point on. Someone so strategic and capable even at traumatic times of heartbreak makes a fantastic leader who knows how to be assertive without being aggressive and is kind enough to forgive people for mishaps but is very capable of letting them know they did wrong despite this forgiving nature. LeBron James, on the other hand, has never once shown strength of character nor forgiving nature in the slightest. He has displayed arrogance and greed his entire career, selling himself out to filthy rich corporations[] such as Nike (heavy user of sweatshops who only bothered slowing it down once finally caught []), Dr. Dre Beats (as if the music you listen to makes you a better player), Dunkin' Donuts (great sports role model, really fantastic) and a variety of others.

Aside from character, LeBron James is also not capable of leading a nation. His role has always been as a member of a team run by a superior; his coach. The President is essentially a super-coach in relative terms and Mr. James has never once been in this role nor has he shown any capability of fulfilling it. There's already been a half-black president to the hype over race is pretty much done and dusted. Mrs. Clinton would be the first female president and gender is still a glass ceiling worth breaking in politics.

A horny husband is not proof of one's own sexual capabilities. Mrs. Clinton did, after all, successfully keep him loyal to her from that point on displaying the ability to learn from errors and fix her bootylicious ways. Learning from mistakes is something that Obama and George Bush never quite got their heads around and something USA really does need.

Debate Round No. 1


Lebron james is the goat stfu. God Cena has showed his public support for my debate so your opinion is invalid. I am a master debater.


Pro has resorted to rudeness in order to get his/her point across.

There is no evidence Pro has given that either proves himself/herself correct or myself wrong.

All my points stand, burden of proof is on Pro to uphold their resolution.
Debate Round No. 2


hillary clinton is the female hitler umad bruh. Trump for president


I'm not mad at all brother, thank you for this easy win.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Greg4586 2 years ago
I'm starting to think Bill and Hillary's marriage is more of a political one than a romantic one.
Posted by Tough 2 years ago
thanks for the warning! ;)
Posted by Hogwild13 2 years ago
Hey Tough this guy is a troll so don't expect much.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con wins because they showed how Hillary had more experience in a leadership role and a government role, whereas Lebron James has none. This was the only argument made in this debate, because Pro continued on to use his rounds to type absolute nonsense.