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life is just stupid

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Started: 10/3/2016 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Life is stupid. Almost 50yrs old I'm tired of eating,sleeping,working,sex,kids,marriage,tv,jobs etc etc etc etc--it's the same crap everyday and the only real difference is looking in the mirror every morning watching my face get older and my body pain etc. The beauty of our planet is boring too after seeing the same views year after year. There are no answers to Aliens,Bigfoot,God,Agartha etc etc so as I sit and ponder about all that life is I have come to the conclusion it is stupid.there is just birth-filler-death, it's stupid and people are full of crap. I look forward to death even if it scares me,at least this crap will be over. Don't miss understand me, my life has not been full of tragedy etc--it just seems stupid to me and I never want to do it again.


Nah bruh, a negative mind has a negative world. You are just stupid. We have tried, and in 2000 years we have landed to the moon, made guns, etc. idiot.
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Posted by Philosophy101 1 year ago
Buddhism attempts to answer this very question; a person comes to a point in their life where mundane things no longer make them happy. Buddhism says we are caught up in cyclical existence clinging to our fears and worries. Death is not the ending, but more cyclical existence; the present moment is what makes life beautiful; stay in the here and now to find happiness.
Posted by ClockWised 1 year ago
Furyan is right. If mankind had found a MARVELLOUS way to live forever ! It would be a real hell on earth. I cant even imagine the horror when you can't die for how long one can enjoy its life, after all it would start to be boring and worthless.
Posted by Furyan5 1 year ago
Lol hell no. The only thing I fear is immortality. Only someone who doesn't fully grasp the concept would wish for it. Having everything you dreamed of can only keep you happy for so long then it becomes normal. Thereafter it becomes mundane. It's the desire for something or to overcome some obstacle that gives our lives purpose and meaning. Eternity is a long time to live without purpose.
Posted by moral10 1 year ago
That is probably the end life of a person who does not have religion or does not practice his religion legislation
Posted by Furyan5 1 year ago
I can relate. Just imagine eternal life. How long till you go insane?
Posted by Sciguy 1 year ago
This has a chance to be philosophical... tears!
Posted by vi_spex 1 year ago
matter has no beginning and end
Posted by illegalcombat 1 year ago
You seem sad you, know what always cheers me up ? Just think that in the future in so many years, trillion upon trillion upon years, the universe will reach heat death, your suffering and striving born into a world you did not ask for, circumstances beyond your control,will be for naught and there won't be the slightest hint that you even existed, nor will anyone gives a rats a$$ about your existence.

But, am I right ?
Posted by Perussi 1 year ago
The world has been made quite stupid though. Modern. Art. Especially music.
Posted by Perussi 1 year ago
I won't mosey up and offer christianity in your state of weakness but go to a website called . It is real christianity. Heard of Pascal's wager?
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