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line cutting

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Started: 12/1/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I think line-cutters are selfish and should be thrown out of theme parks.


While it can be an inconvenience to have someone "cut" you in line, it is often to join friends who have been waiting. Considering that going to a theme park is a social leisure activity, it is acceptable for people to move to where friends are waiting in line. Another thing to point out is the minor nature of this inconvenience, for example:
Expedition Everest at Disney World:
Ride Duration: 170 seconds
Operating Cars: 5
Car Occupancy:36
Assuming the cutter is taking the 36th position or preventing your party from being in the same car, requiring you to await the next vehicle- 170(duration)/5(cars)=34 seconds(arrival delay between cars). Based on these calculations, a line-cutter would only add thirty-four seconds to your time in line. If you plan to spend an entire day at the theme park(around eight hours-9am-5pm) 34 seconds is inconsequential. By allowing someone to move in front of you, you could save their entire group up to an hour. Such a minor delay for you is totally reasonable when you recognize the time you save others.

People ought to provide others the courtesy of jumping the line to be with their friends.
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