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love exist

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Started: 3/4/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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love exist. only rule is no trolls.


This sounds like a fun topic, very unusual because I see a lot of "Does God Exist?" to a lot of who will win in a fight between Batman or Superman.

Since you're Pro, I would expect to see some proof in your two word premise that you present.

Let the games begin!
Debate Round No. 1


ok so i say love exist. what is love?
An intense feeling of deep affection: "their love for their country".
Feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone): "do you love me?".

i gave the definition now i would like to hear what you have to say about it not existing.
dont get mad at me if im doing this wrong lol its my first time.


You're off to a good start and welcome to
Okay, I'll try and give this a shot.

You defined that love through a dictionary is through two definitions through the noun context "An intense feeling of deep affection: "their love for their country" and through the context of a verb which is a deep romantic of sexual attachment to someone. Okay, you got them from a dictionary so there is no denying that... or is there?

I guess the proposal I'm going through with this is that, is the feeling of love something that's culturally defined or is it an actual feeling that's developed towards the opposite or same sex? Perhaps there is something that is missing as what you gave is just the general definition. Could you elaborate more on your premise or is your proof just a definition from the library?

With that, I may refute or perhaps give into this debate if you provide evidence that it does exist.

(Pst, Google is your best friend).

- Sorry about that and best of luck.
Debate Round No. 2


i will be talking about love as in love for your family, not neccesarily sexual attraction.
"Love"- Does love exist? Of course it does" many people believe that life is based only on survival. Is this true? Yes, but not just. It is missing some big parts. It is very hard if you think about it, that we people all came from one accident. If this is the case, then maybe love does not exist" explained in chapter one, we were not created by accident. There must be a reason why we are here. What is that reason? God has his reason and he never has to give an explanation. Many people say evolution created love so that reproduction will happen and keeps life existing. What about love for the family? If this is the case then why do we love other people that have nothing to do with reproduction? If love did not exist, everyone would be on their own and no one would ever look out for one another. There are many situations that have happened because of love.
On December 14th, 2012 there was a shooting at a school in Newtown sandy hook. 20 children and 6 staff members died. What happened after that? "Xfactor" dedicated the song "You are not alone", while "The voice" dedicated the song "Hallelujah". People from all over the country and even in many places in the world made tributes to the Newtown victims, from songs to letters, from stuffed animals to money. Many tributes were made. All these donations were from people who cared and were able to show love for one another. If we were just careless animals, do you think all this would have happened? Pretty sure it wouldn"t. Physically, Newtown had no effect one people on the outside world yet people still cared and tried to help. I don"t know what this could have been other than love"
Therefore love does exist.


Thank you for elaborating on what you meant by love. You’ll be taking this from a family perspective much more than a sexual attraction. Right then!

Firstly, you’re coming from a moral standpoint (from your perspective so it seems), which I can respect because everyone is entitled to one’s opinion. Using God as an example is debatable to many if you’ve noticed; there have been many debates on whether or not God truly exist. Aside from that, let’s get to the point of family.

Love for the family isn’t natural (if that’s where you’re coming from) but instead it’s developed through what kind of parenting you were under, the experiences you had with your family, so forth. Dysfunctional families share qualities in which they do not show love to one another through a number of reasons. Families are to be an emotional cushion and a resource of support because as the saying goes, “blood is thicker than water”. It would depend really on how the family is… what kind of background they’re from, to determine the level of love they would express to one another.

The incident of Sandy Hook was an interesting concept, as kids of course died at the hands of a mentally unstable individual. In advance, I give my deepest regards to those who have lost someone in that shooting. Yet, are the commemorations to dedicate Sandy Hook just another way to sympathize and later not care because it’s all in the past?

Human beings have this innate need to feel sorry for someone because it’s supposedly the right thing to do. Money, letters, stuffed animals, yeah those things have some emotion I guess into it but those are simply just materialistic possessions that they just give out because it’s more of: “Oh, let’s just give them these because it’s right.” I may sound like a total jerk for saying that but I doubt many people truly cared for what happened, they were disturbed yes because kids were killed but instead, they just sympathize on what happened because it’s what human beings do. It’s not to say that people there just gave out stuff because it’s good karma but that’s the impressions I was getting.

Sympathy isn’t love; it’s more like an insult to a situation like this. As an education major at my university, I was upset about what happened because of my close connection with children and the need for them to turn out as intelligent innovators for the future but just how all of this happened, it didn’t seem right. I lost a game in billiards because of it and couldn’t focus throughout the day.

Sandy Hook, personally was a moment that did bring families together; strengthen the bond and the protective care of their child so they wouldn’t have to deal with such a thing. I guess that’s agreeing to what you meant about family is that a life-turning event is what brings families together. If that’s what you meant, then your argument is valid but still debatable.

  • My questions to you along with you responding to the statements I’ve noted:

  • Does love actually exist or is love simply shown out of sympathy so one would get good karma?

  • Does love actually exist or is it an illusion that’s installed in the minds of others so they’ll feel less alone?

  • Could the concept of family being an emotional cushion be true due to the different types of families there are excluding the “traditional American family” for example where the parent is always there for the child?

Debate Round No. 3


When you mention karma, not everyone feels that karma exist but still feel love. Of course not all families feel love for one another, but I'm talking about the ones that do.
I went to Ana`s funeral, one of the victims. It was amazing to see how many people showed up to show their support. Many people that don't even know them.
How about a father risking his life to protect his son?
You may say it's out of the nature of man, but then wouldn't all men or fathers do the same?
And how come the fathers who are willing to protect their children say they do it because they love their child?

Now I ask you, if love doesn't exist, what takes it's place? What are people talking about when they say they love each other?
Sorry if I didn't get to all your questions on this thing I'm on a kindle fire. Typing is hell...
Also you say you have a close intention with children.
Why does that affect you? You say you care because you have a close intention with children. What does that mean? Child molesters have close intentions for children, but of course that means nothing.
Of course I believe you when you say you cared for those children and so do I, but the only reason I can think of why we care, is because we love them. If we don't love them, then why do we care so much for something that had no affect on us?


Kebenzis forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by zezima 4 years ago
Midterms? For school? We can redo it if you wish. How many rounds do you want it to be?
Posted by Kebenzis 4 years ago
Thank you midterms for not allowing me to finish the debate. LOL.
I was ready to finish it off! D;
Rematch? LOL.
Posted by zezima 4 years ago
sorry about some of the stuff in there i got it from a paper i wrote a few days ago
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