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many women and girls dressing up like kardashians and does it affect them

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Started: 7/27/2016 Category: Fashion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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If you have seen the styles of young girls and women, then you must have noticed certain patterns in the way they dress.This year 2016 , it seems like a copy of styles of kardashians.I have seen many women many many women emulate the kardashian sisters in their style of clothing im surprised if a word for their clothing exists but isnt there yet, that and also womens clothes have gotten much shorter and tighter which make me feel uncomfortable around them.THe truth about the kardashian clothes that i am referring to refers to clothes kendall and kylie and kim would wear, the dresses khloe would wear with the knee high boots, and umm baseball caps?? are in fashion for women and dresses with the navel showing or short white blouses with the navels and the sleeveless and oh my gosh the short shorts and short short shorts and tight, as well as skinny jeans and some sort of shirt that looks nothing more than an extension of a frilly bra but trust me it only its long by a few inches and it may cover cleage but tha sides and midrift are all exposed so basically a kind of longer frilly bra.The icing on the cake is the straightened hairstyle that kylie has and of course the make up that kylie does. every girl out there wth their contour and winged eyes and matter lipstick end up looking like a clone of kylie jenner. the problem with this is since they end up looking this way well it make me feel uncomfortable since i am for one different and the tighter and shorter clothes just make it hard for a girl who loves clothes as loose as possible. And it could put some sort of pressure on some girls who see others put on a lot of make up .The problem i have with this is YOU LOOK LIKE A KARDASHIAN, YOU DONT LOOK LIKE A HOMELY GIRL I CAN APRROACH BUT YOU LOOK LIKE SOMEONE WHOCOULD HAVE AN ATTITUDE OF A CELEBRITY, i mean its scary how no one goes out in old sweat pants or lack of make up though there are some who go out without make up Thank goodness, but i wanted to ask whether this.


The Kardashians are definitely HUGE trendsetters in the fashion and beauty industry, every single one of them, there is no denying that. But they're not the only people who have or can impact young people like this, as you're trying to make it out to be.

Everyone can look like a bum once in a while but the Kardashians all have busy lives and a lot of money; put two and two together, and you have your answer. They constantly go out to appearances, whether it be interviews, walking the red carpet, etc. and they hire personal makeup artists and stylists so they always look their best.

Youtubers (self proclaimed "beauty gurus", more specifically) and other popular celebrities also play a part in what girls want to look like or how they want to be perceived by other people.

At such a vulnerable age, everyone in terribly impressionable; they want to look like anyone but their true selves. You shouldn't blame your insecurities on popular clothing and beauty trends. If you feel happy not following the trends, that is YOUR choice; follow it if that's what makes you happy.
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THe problem is have is that usually we have to understand is that the kardashians are celebrities and the clothes they wear i have seen at societal events, so i dont understand how a high fashion profile dress suddenly makes the word casual for commoners, i walk around and i feel like people are going to fashion events, people like me who arent dressed like would get scared interacting or otherwise. i would honestly get just intimidated by such people. i dont know whether they have an attitude i just said it looks like they appear to have a face that says you can sit with us. in a society where people dont look at you there is no warmth no level of comfort and smile in strangers glance i dont want these people to walk around ,no thing feels wam or clothing style that says its comfortable.dressing up like a kardashian im afraid makes them look like a kardashian and i feel scared thinking do they think like a kardashaian. do these girls theink they are better than us, do they have emotions, do they even snort their faces or make funny faces while laughing or afraid ot ruin the contour. also lets recall how we loook at high school as taught in movies. the popular girl was the one who was rich popular and she acted around like a snob, or sometimes people just assume being high profile they are, they may not assume that way about the girl next door.the beverly hills kids or rich kids acted arrogant, do i want these young teens at age 17 or 18 to put on such heavy make and walk around like theyre older than they already are. these girls also look like they are going to a wedding, that is how much make up they whe nthey go out, if everyone looked like they were going to a fancy gala and you didnt imagine how much youd stick out, and with kim kardashiperhaps i am wrong may be the make up doesnt affect the attitude, but it affects me culturally and religiously and on apersonal issue about how strange and intimidated i feel by their clothing styles for it different thanmine
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Posted by rockerlinda15 1 year ago
What a judgemental attitude. 'If you dress like a Kardashian you are not a homely girl'. What planet are you on. The Kardashians are role models for many. I for one love their fashion style. But is there really a debate here or just a very judgemental attitude. I guess it is the latter. So no more to be said.
Posted by malalo75 2 years ago
I agree with PointyDelta...
sidnaq, you haven't posted anything that would be up for debate. You merely stated an opinion.
Posted by PointyDelta 2 years ago
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