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marriage or free mixing

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Started: 3/5/2012 Category: Society
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marriage= one man takes one woman as a wife and vice versa.

free mixing = man and woman meet as and when they bondage.

i will argue in favor of free mixing. my opponent will argue in favor of marriage.

first round is acceptance.


I accept your challenge and look forward to debating with you.
Debate Round No. 1


in marriage there are the following problem:

1] crime of adultery

2] bigamy

3] extramarital affair

4] domestic violence

5] depression

6] boredom

7] devorce

these problems are absent in free mixing. in free mixing all these problem will dissolve and society would be a better one.

therefore free mixing is beer than marriage.


When you take your wedding vows you say for better or for worse. So marriage is truly in the eye of the beholder because some of the points that you listed are, depending on your morals and religion backing your vows, against what the ideal marriage should contain. For instance, adultery and extramarital affairs are not something that's suppose to be an option in a marriage when you take your wedding vows. When an individual takes part in these acts it becomes a question of an individual's morals and belief system more so than a questionable aspect of marriage.

Bigamy in most places, especially the United States, is illegal so even if that caused a problem in your marriage you could be sent to jail for approximately 5 years, in the United States. So, therefore, that's not a valid point in validating why marriage is a bad concept. That deals more with legal matters and the character of that citizen.

Domestic violence is something that you don't have to be married to face. By definition it states that domestic violence is violence or physical abuse directed towards your spouse or domestic partner and it usually occurs by men against women.

Depression occurs in people of all ages regardless of whether you're married or not. Depression does not discriminate to just people who are married so it's not a valid reason as to why people shouldn't get married.

As for boredom that occurs all the time even in friendships but just because you get bored with a friend doesn't mean you stop talking to them. You will find things to do with them that spices up your relationship if they are a really good friend or if you at least want to see where the friendship goes. That's the same case with the a marriage just except you've agreed to always work with your spouse to get past the small things and work things out for better or for worse.
Debate Round No. 2


1] adultery and extramarital affair depends on morality.

fine. morality is not the cause. you must know why adultery and extramarital affair happens in marriage. the nature of man is such that he always is attracted to beautiful women. no man is exception.some men can hide their nature, get frustrated inside, others cannot hide.monogamous marriage is strictly against man's nature. this leads to adultery and extramarital affair.

if marriage is dissolved, then man will have women as much as he wants.there will be no adultery and extramarital affair.

2] bigamy is legally punishable.

bigamy also results from man's peculiar nature. making it legally punishable will not solve this problem. dissolution of the institution of marriage will.

3] domestic violence exist without marriage.

true, but here by domestic violence i mean the violence of marital life. this also is caused by conflict between man and woman. marriage is like a cage where a man and woman are locked in. why need a cage at all? why not free air?



The nature of man is to walk/crawl on all fours but just like all behaviors they can be learned and unlearned. So just because it's of our nature doesn't mean we have to do it. We have a choice. By nature we are attracted to people that look like us not that we are attracted to beautiful women/men. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Any person, uncivilized , would be capable of doing this as a natural instinct but we live in a world, now, where we are civilized. Also, why would all of these things be categorized as a man's nature? You have to account for a female's nature in order to make a sound judgement, even though for what you described they are pretty much the same.

You stated earlier that if men didn't get married that he could have as many women as he wants. This is a personal decision. If you get married it's your personal choice to be with just one person.

Bigamy is already illegal therefore it's already legally punishable. Bigamy's origin in African culture was a sign of wealth and not a man's nature. So, your point holds to be invalid.

Being married isn't like being in a cage. You're free to do what you want when you want. Every marriage is different. It's all in what you make it. Marriage is just an extra official relationship with stipulations.
Debate Round No. 3


if not fulfilling one's desire is civilisation then i think there is no gain living in this kind of civilisation. we all love our desire and all our efforts are directed towards fulfillment of our desire. we must device a way to fulfill our desire and that cannot be uncivilised anyway.i don't know the nature of woman. as a man i know only the nature of man. i can show you men who are attracted to multiple women. can you show me a woman who is attracted to multiple men?

no, it is not a personal choice. if you get married and still have relation with another woman, that relation will be called either adultery(if woman married) or extra marital affair. both these things are illegal and cause of many social problems.

you don't understand my point on bigamy. bigamy is legally punishable but it originates from man's nature. punishing bigamy means punishing man's nature. this practice is itself in human and barbaric. it reminds us of dark christian era.

i told you earlier that marriage has its own limitation both legal and social. it is like a cage and not free air.


A proper argument is best supported when you have multiple sides and upon gaining support for all of the sides present you can put that information together to best show your knowledge and reasoning on a subject. So you can't just base things from a man's perspective and not a women's and call that a complete argument. Women are considered human too . Therefore, at times, they can't help who they like, regardless of whether it's one person or many, but they as all humans can be held responsible for how they act on feelings. Marriage is a choice that many people, believe it or not, make.

Yes it is a personal choice to cheat, in any form. You aren't obligated to cheat. No one is putting a gun to your head saying that you have to but if they are that's a different crime other than what we are talking about. There have always been people who were married and contemplated what it would feel like to cheat and have wanted to but when they thought of what could happen as a result they decided not to. There are way to many STDs and diseases out here to just be with every and anyone. This isn't the time period where hippies exist. That was long ago and things have changed for a reason. If the world thinks that the chances are high for getting an STD now they will be through the roof if free mixing occurs.

Your point on what you call "civilisation" is not clear so I can't argue on that until you clarify but we as humans need to remember the difference between wants/desires and needs. No one needs to cheat, in any form. It's a desire. Desires mirror wants. You don't have to have it, act on it, or do it but if you do you are help, personally, totally responsible for your actions.

As for your point on bigamy. It's also in our nature to kill for our food and rank in society, going back until the beginning of time, but does that make it okay? If someone killed someone close and who you love and said they were acting on man's nature would you find it okay? You, like many other people would want justice to be served because it's simply not right. Just because you believe it to be in man's nature doesn't mean we still have to do it. For instance, just because we used to climb trees doesn't mean we still have to now. If it happened today we would find it very strange. So just because you classify bigamy as man's nature doesn't mean that man has to act human and barbaric, as you put it.

You say therefore that marriage is like a cage but if you make the decision to get married why not play by the rules? Marriage, grant it, isn't for everyone but there is a such thing as staying single and not actually free mixing. If you decide to get married though you assume those responsibilities. Every decision that we make in life has consequences or guidelines we must live by. So if you decide to get married there are stipulations.
Debate Round No. 4


xxx200 forfeited this round.


The talk of marriage vs free mixing and the consequences that come with it are the result of morals. Based on the criteria listed by my opponent such as bigamy and extramarital affairs leading up to divorce aren't supportive reasons to his argument. Things such bigamy are illegal in the United States and therefore is a much bigger problem than marriage. You don't have to be married or an adult to face problems with domestic violence, depression, or boredom. Boredom mainly is something that even friends face but on the grounds that they want the relationship to flourish they both work on always keeping things fresh in the relationship. So very few reasons actually pertain to supporting why marriage is "bad." Adultery and extramarital affairs is based then on the morals and religion of the individual as well as what it is that their spouse is into. Regardless of whether or not you approve there exists some marriages that it's a mutual agreement that they are okay with their spouse having someone on the side but they don't justify the whole. There are too many STDs as well as many other things that you can catch and aren't able to be cured out there to just have sex with any and everyone. Therefore, marriage is better.
Debate Round No. 5
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